Change your life

How do you design an exceptional life? Ultimately, life passes us in a flash, one day we wake up and wonder where our life went. Too many people instead of changing their lives, live the same year 90 times over.

How often have we talked about all the things we believe or
want, but deep down we are unwilling to integrate the qualities that
would attract them? We are all guilty, even the most successful among us. The only way to change our lives, is to change ourselves and our way of thinking, by doing so we attract the things into our life that make us happy. There are several guidelines that must be followed that enable us to focus on what we need to do in our life and not so much on what we want..

The first on the list, we need to be clear in what we want. If our thoughts and desires aren’t clear, how can the God Source know what to provide for us? Once you determine what it is that you want, make a  list , write every detail down , look at this list often and focus on it, add to it and imagine you already have it.

Once you have asked, be open to what the universe sends your way, many opportunities will be provided you to reach your objectives. Some times the first choice isn’t the best choice, if the opportunity isn’t for your highest good, wait, there will be more come your way. Just remain open and receptive, soon the choice you most desire will be presented to you. When you meditate always ask for “this or something better.”

Keep an open mind and be discriminating in your choices, observe, contemplate, and release  everything that comes your way that doesn’t serve your best interests. If the opportunity doesn’t serve your best interests, or light your fire, let it go. Your conscious mind doesn’t always realize what is best for you, sometimes there is something better n store for us than we can even dream about. Focus on your main objective rather than the goal, focus on what would make you happy, realize you deserve perfect happiness, only in that manner can you achieve what you most desire.

During these times, stay positive, any negativity will be interpreted by the universe as you not wanting what your are meditating on.Look forward with anticipation to the future, staying focused on the final outcome. Believe it in your heart, what the heart desires is what the heart receives. When  we expect the best, that is what the universe gives us, believe it will come to you effortlessly and easily, believe that failure is not an option.

And finally be honest with yourself, and grateful. Is this what your heart truly wants? Is this your hearts desire? Always listen to your feelings, your body and inner guidance will tell you what it wants and desires. Our body and mind want to live in perfect harmony, that is the natural order of things. Once you future has been given you, you own it, so contemplate how you want to spend the next years of your life. Once given , it is hard to change and can take quite some time .

Once your hearts desire has been given to you, be grateful.Just as when  we are grateful of a gift from a friend , the recipient wants to give more.The universe is no different.

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  1. Very true. Several years ago, a friend of mine said to make a map of all I wanted to happen in my life and place it on the fridge where I would see it everyday. It did make a difference. Of the five things I wanted/needed, three of them became a part of my life. Last year, my sister approached me with a book and tapes about “The Secret” and positive energy…My most ardent dream has yet to be realized, but I’m working on it.


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