Who is Watching the Chickens?

Everyone in Washington and the media are pointing fingers these days
concerning who is to blame for the current state of our economy and our
world image.

There is plenty of blame to go around and no one
particular party or individual is solely to blame, however as usual the
ones doing most of the finger pointing are the one mostly to blame. As
someone told me ,when you point a finger at someone, there are four
fingers pointing directly back at yourself.

As far as the
current Wall Street crisis, two of Obama’s financial advisers  are
largely responsible for the mess in the mortgage industry. Mr. Raines,
one of these  advisers graciously received $90 million for his
expertise in bringing down Fannie Mae . Nearly all, if not all of the
main players involved, including  Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and others
are high ranking democrats. President Bush tried to fix this mess a few
years ago, but thanks to the left, and a few misguided Republicans,
nothing could get done. John McCain has been warning congress for
years, nobody listened.

Social Security has been in trouble for
years, congress has been stealing our money from the fund for years to
finance their own pork barrel spending, then they wonder why there is
no money there for us. Because of waste, corruption and greed, the
amount an individual receives after a lifetime of contributions, is a
small pittance compared to the amount that would be available if the
money was invested wisely. George W. Bush tried also to fix this, the
liberals told us that social security was sound and nothing needed to
be done. The truth is , they don’t want to hand over control of our
money to us, they think we aren’t intelligent enough to run our own
lives, and manage our finances. Their answer is always the same , raise taxes. That only gives congress more money to spend and actually makes
the problem worse.

Ditto for the health care problem we have,
our medical care needs to stay in the private sector, the left thinks
otherwise. Do we want the same people running our health care system
that run social security, teach our children in public schools, and
undermine our financial world with unsound practices. Practices that Obama thinks work? I don’t know about you, but I don’t!!!

My own intuition leads me to believe that Obama
exercises really poor judgment in choosing his consultants and
advisers. How can people that used such poor judgement in creating a
disaster, be expected to fix it?

As the Honorable Reverend Wright, Obama’s spiritual mentor, so eloquently stated, “The chickens  have come home to roost!” And If Obama is elected, we will have the fox guarding the hen house.

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