Faith Enhances Freedom

What the Founders knew: Faith enhances freedom

In today’s world there seems to be a lot of discussion concerning the youth and their lack of patriotism and knowledge of our country’s history and or past. There seems to be a feeling that they are unpatriotic and are letting the basic principles of freedom slip away. In many cases this is true. However, the same sentiments have been raised for generations.

It is common knowledge that over the years our country has changed tremendously, many of the values held by our ancestors no longer seem of importance. Especially today, with government acting the way it is, in  response to what so many people want, we have reached a critical point in our history. Today, far too many citizens and non citizens alike think government should provide for their every want and need. People feel they want security over freedom, many are afraid or unwilling to take a change and depend on their own ingenuity to provide a living for themselves and families. It seems easier for Uncle Sam to do it for them.

This trend began many years ago and in many ways is a by product of our own success.  Beginning after world war 2, many began working away from the farm. With this change came an opportunity to earn more money and gain benefits and vacations not previously available to everyone.

With it, came the labor unions which continuously gained new privileges for it’s members. This was well and good, the working man should share in the spoils of their labors. The down side is that people soon developed a sense of entitlement and dependence on the system. Much ingenuity and self reliance went out the window.

Not to be out done, elected government officials soon found this was an excellent way to gain votes, promise the people the world, make them dependent on government , and soon people would begin voting for the candidate who could give them the most pork. Soon the  thinking of the whole country changed. People began seeing the benefits of socialism without realizing the perils.

As a result, when someone expresses the values that made this country great, they are looked at as being extreme. What was extreme 40 years ago has become the norm. People just naturally assume they are entitled to whatever they think they need or desire. They now think government and business has an unlimited supply of money and it is theirs for the taking. Our present economic state is a direct result of this convoluted way of thinking.

Everyone has faith, the individuals who have no faith in God, put their faith in government. This is misguided and dangerous. Most elected officials have no loyalty to their constituents that goes beyond saying and doing what will get them re-elected. They could care less how their actions will affect their country past the next election cycle.

The founding fathers knew this, they put special safe guards in the constitution to protect our freedom of worship. Although they weren’t of a common faith, they all expressed the importance of faith in being free. Without faith there can be no freedom, and without freedom , there can be no expression of faith.

Faith is the adhesive force that holds our freedom together. Faith in a higher power, whatever that belief is. The founding fathers knew that power corrupts, many people  would fore sake their mother for the addictive forces of power.

Power corrupts, and without a belief in a power greater than ourselves, whom we are all accountable to, we soon sink into an abyss of hopelessness. When you put your trust in government or any entity other than the Supreme Architect of the Universe, you are only asking for much heartache and trouble.

Let’s hope not only the younger generation, but the rest of humanity as well, learn this lesson before it is too late.

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