The Agenda of the Radical Left

radical left movement of today , the favorite of the main stream media
has a far different agenda than what is normally assumed by most people
toady. The movement has it’s modern day roots in the supposedly anti-war
protests of the 1960s.

the anti-war protests are thought of , the first thing to come to mind
is Jane Fonda sitting on a North Vietnamese tank in Hanoi, victimizing
our  captured hero’s and subjecting them to endless torture and

the most part the riots that took place in Chicago and various cities
across our nation had little to do with the war. The war just gave the
 participants a reason to act inappropriately. The actions of many  at
the times exemplifies what I am saying.

were committing despicable acts against the police and others who were
there to protect them. It wasn’t and won’t be reported by the media that
many rioters were throwing their own excrement at police officers. If
they were protesting the war, what did this act have to do with the
Vietnam War? Nothing. They were only a bunch of ungrateful spoiled kids
who were protesting against authority and the very system that gave them
the best and safest lifestyle the world has ever know.

today, the violence continues, the left, who continuously preaches
about how open minded and forgiving they are, still vilify anyone who
disagrees with them. They are only open minded and forgiving only if you
agree with them. Their attacks sometimes border on violence and are
despicable, very much in contrast to the Tea Party, whom they are always
trying to accuse of violence.

are projectionists, they very things they accuse others of doing, they
themselves are guilty of. The same mentality exists today that began in
the 60s with the so-called anti- war movement, which was actually an
anti-establishment movement. They were against anything ordinary people
were for, and still are.

all liberals are this way, most are very decent, upstanding citizens.
As in most cases, we only hear from the most radical, they are the one’s
who can sell the most advertising and ads on CNN. The radical left has
only one agenda, tearing down the very fabric that made this country

are power hungry and want to be able to control the world through their
own actions , by creating a socialists state whereby every one is
equally broke, except for the one’s in power. This sort of society
destroys all human unintuitive and makes slaves of everyone.

are very fundamentalist and would like to return to a life in the far
distant past, where life seems simpler, believe me it wasn’t. Our
ancestors had many more survival problems than we have today.

to popular opinion, they don’t have every one’s  best interest in mind,
only theirs. To think otherwise could be detrimental to our well being
as a society.

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  1. You don’t really understand the difference between socialism and communism, do you? Let me take a moment to spell it out for you.Socialism is fundamentally a belief in taking care of the disadvantaged of our society through government intervention. This most often takes the form of taxes on the rich and well-off, who can afford it and are not harmed by such taxation, to create social programs which primarily benefit the poor, such as free medical care and public schools.Communism is a form of dictatorship.You can clearly see the difference, I hope. One of the options is a left-wing approach to democratic government, the other is a dictatorship. Please don’t confuse them, it makes left-wing voters, like myself, think that you’re a raving lunatic.Then again, if you support the Tea Party movement at a time when the only possible way to drag your country out of its massive debt and fulfill your economic obligations is to increase taxes and slash military spending then most liberals are going to think you’re a delusional, or at best wilfully blind, nutjob anyway.


  2. Sirkaid, your reaction to the author’s comments which you disagree with are that: “you don’t understand”, “you’re a raving lunatic”, “you’re delusional”, “willfully blind” and “a nutjob”…… I’ve noticed one thing about you and other socialist, you all “debate” the same way……….


  3. Makes me think of the AGW proponents every time a scientist disagrees with them. Insult, ridicule, question credentials, accuse of taking money from “big oil or big coal” etc. Never debate the science, just character assassinate…


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