Look to the Future

Our whole life, up to this point has been determined by what we have thought, said, and done in the past. We have created the universe we now exist in. It is my firm belief that on some level of consciousness, we create everything we experience. Even the so called negative parts, they were created by us so we might learn from them and realize there is a better way, we are better than that . 

It is a form of self punishment that teaches us to respect and honor ourselves. Once we learn self love, no longer will we have the need to let so called negative events into our lives.

We have become addicted to feelings because of events in  our past. Believe it or not , we become addicted to negative feelings as well and often expect and want them over positive feelings because of the familiarity it brings.

What has happened in the past is over, it  needs to influence where we are going only in a positive way. We can change the future by changing our thoughts.

Even though we came into this existence with a predestined plan,  dreamed up by us and approved by the higher source, this signifies only the least we can accomplish and still be happy. This pre-destiny was determined to give us the most opportunity for the  growth of our soul.

It is now time to put everything we have learned to use, it is time to plot a new future. It is time to take all we have learned and been taught and put it to good use for the betterment of not only ourselves but others as well.

The past is only a memory and should be used only as a reference of the things we have done in the past. Those actions we did and the results we achieved from them, if the end result was positive, then we should again repeat those deeds to achieve a positive end result. If the end result was something we would rather not experience again, then we need to take that experience and realize we should not perform those acts again.

Humanity and the world has seen much turmoil the past few years, much karma is being played out. The way out of this mess we have created is to learn from our past actions and develop a more positive plan of action. People need to learn that they are in control of their lives. No one can do it for you. It may seem easier for the government or some other authority figure to do it for us, but no one will take care of you and have your concerns at heart more than you do.

No one has more at stake in your life than you do, it is time to take back the individual control of our lives,and accept personal responsibility. Once that is accomplished by the masses, most of our social problems will soon disappears.

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