Change the Direction of our Country

has been said about changing the direction the country is headed,
recent polls show that a large majority of the American people believe
the country is and has been headed in the wrong direction for quite some

is a problem that has developed over the last several decades and as a
result there is no fast fix. Thankfully, because of the internet, and
the easy access to information, more and more people are becoming
interested in the political future of their nation and realize that
something must be done in order to protect our freedom and capitalistic
way of life.

is all well and good and is the way it should be, our government was
formed to provide for government by the people, not special interest
groups. The quick fix to saving our way of life is to get involved and
stay informed. Thankfully the Tea Party is providing a way to counteract
some of the disgusting things going on in Washington.

will only last so long, sooner or later the people involved in
rectifying things will be getting older and unable to carry the ball.
Sooner or later the youth will take over. Regretfully, many of them have
been misinformed and thereby don’t understand the way life and our
country works.

have grown up in an entitlement society, this has been brought on not
only by the liberal left trying to convince them that government can
provide all their wants and needs, but also by organized labor and
private enterprise providing them everything one would want as far as
money and benefits, including health care.

idea that one could reap many benefits by working for someone else
isn’t all bad. There is nothing wrong with employees sharing in the
wealth a company enjoys because the employees have given much in time ,
effort and creativity, thereby providing much opportunity for the
economic growth of the employer.

because of this, an atmosphere of dependency has been created. Today in
many cases it is now easier and more profitable to work for someone
else than to start one’s own business. With all the taxes and
regulations imposed by the government, a hostile environment has been

of this has been intentional by elected  government officials, the more
dependent we are on them, the more likely we will elect them back into
office, and it is only natural for most people to take the easy way out
and seek the path of least resistance.

problem now is the path of least resistance has now become a very rocky
road. People have come to believe they deserve something for nothing,
and that all of big business is evil.This needs to change.

only long term solution is to start educating our children in the
proper role of government and business. This has to start at home and in
the schools. At this stage of the game it won’t be easy. Many educators
now believe that socialism is the answer to all our problems and they
have forgotten the basic principles of the founding of our country.

need to have school choice, whereby if a parent didn’t like the things
his child was being taught, the children could be sent to another
school. Create competition among the schools, there is money attached to
the backs of each child. If the schools have to compete for these
dollars, they will improve.

the early days of this country, a lot of schooling was provided by
religious organizations. There are downfalls to this plan, but it would
probably work better than the present system.The schools have gotten too
large, when any organization gets too large, it becomes wasteful and

country was founded on the principle that we keep government out of
religion, not religion out of government. Myself, when I was in
elementary school, the whole school went to church for an hour on Friday
afternoon. We had three choices, Catholic, Baptist and Lutheran, the
only three churches in town.  This was a good thing, as for many
students, this was their only chance to learn moral principles, as some
of  their parents had none.

think this can be proven, I contend that most small rural schools
provide a much better learning environment and education than their
counterparts in the larger cities. When schools are smaller, it creates a
more personal environment and the learning can be more hands on,
smaller class sizes aren’t that important, what is important is
discipline and self control.

when students no longer feel like a number and realize their opinion
does mean something, they begin to realize there is a better way than
having someone supply all your wants and needs. There is something to be
said for self reliance.

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