The Need for Labor Unions

probably agree with the conservative talk show hosts 95% of the time,
however I do disagree with them concerning their position on labor
unions. Most of them have never worked in an environment where hundreds
or thousands of people are employed in one location or for one company.
In such an environment , it is impossible for the individual to
negotiate with their employer over working or wage issues and many
employees just don’t have the skills to do so.

these instances the working person needs a union, they need someone to
represent them. When there are thousands of people working in one area ,
they need a central figure to represent them in  grievances and wage

many modern companies, the work environment and pay scale is such that a
strong union isn’t needed. Most companies that want to remain
competitive realize they are competing with every  company out there and
if they want to remain competitive and employ the best and brightest
individuals they need to be competitive as far as wages and benefits are

unions today have gotten too corrupt and have forgotten who they
represent. They are starting to act more like a communist regime than a
representative of the working man. Many times they only support someone
who should by all rights no longer be employed. It takes forever to fire
an employee who has created much dissension and conflict in the work
place, while people of more value  are often neglected because by
supporting them there is no benefit to the union’s agenda.

 What is needed is a kinder and gentler union, the strong arm Chicago
 style tactics are no longer appropriate or acceptable. Unions and
employers have to understand that companies have to make money to be
able to provide jobs and employees do have a right to  a safe and secure

and the company need to work together to provide a safe and profitable
work environment . Both parties need to look at the big picture and
realize they have an obligation to reach a peaceful settlement that
provides a good environment to market their product at a fair price,
while protecting the rights and welfare of the working individual.

today’s world many workers thrive quite nicely without a strong union,
however, their present state of affairs have been made possible only
through the efforts of their union brotheran. Many companies started
providing better wages and benefits through fear of having to deal with a
union, thus working conditions and wages improved for nearly everyone.

in the most ideal conditions , the employee needs some sort of
representation, if only a place to go to if all other avenues of
recourse fail. There are always going to be disagreements and conflict
between employer and employee, not withstanding personality conflicts.
Thus a third party will always be needed to mediate.

today’s world , often times the employee has no recourse , with the
company looking after it’s own agenda and many large unions only
concerned about what is best for them and little concern for their
members, the working employee has few choices to settle his or her
grievances. This needs to change.

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