The Absurdity of Raising Taxes

seems as though whenever the liberals get into power in government,
they seem to think the solution to everything is to raise taxes. The
first battle cry is that they are only going to raise the taxes of the
evil rich, however anyone who has been around for a while soon realizes
this just isn’t true. A tax raise is a tax raise, it affects everyone
and most often it affects the poor more than the wealthy.

the taxes on the wealthy not only raises the cost of everything we
purchase and use, but it also places less capital in the economy,
resulting in less jobs being created and less capital for investment,
thereby stifling our growth. I assume they didn’t take the same
economics class I took as a freshman in high school.

Buffet and others seem to think they don’t pay enough taxes, well,
there is no law saying they can’t write a check to the IRS and rectify
that problem and ease their conscience. In the mean time while Buffet is
making those absurd statements, it has been discovered his companies
have been shortchanging the IRS. Hypocrisy at it’s finest!

people have the misguided notion that by paying more taxes, they are
actually helping poor people. I’m not sure where they got this
convoluted idea.  Most of the money our government supposedly gives to
the poor, not only in this country but around the world as well, never
reaches it’s intended destination. Most of it winds up in the hands of
dishonest government bureaucrats .

last count we still have two billion dollars earmarked for Haiti that
no one can find. Private charities and individuals always do a  better
job of donating in times of need than the government, because there is
less red tape and corruption.

taxes has nothing to do with Charity. Charity comes from the heart, not
a faceless government official. When one is forced to give something,
it is not charity, it is just a tax that in reality means nothing to the
giver or receiver. As a consequence the receiver is often bitter
because it wasn’t more.

A personal contribution is just that, personal, it creates a bond
between giver and receiver that most often creates an atmosphere of gratefulness in the receiver and a feeling in the contributors heart
that he has done something truly worth while.

need to learn to make their own way, asking for help only when needed,
government welfare only creates an atmosphere of need on the part of the
recipient, making them a slave to the government, an excellent way for
the politicians to garner votes. We have as a nation contributed over a
trillion dollars since the 60s to the poor , not only in this country,
but around the world, and they are still poor.

There has to be a better way.

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Change the World

have made many advances in today’s world. We have come a long way from
the days of horse and buggies thus we now live in one of the most
advanced civilizations the world has ever known.

, we have higher buildings and wider roads, but shorter temperaments
and narrower points of view. We spend more , but enjoy it less.

have bigger houses, but smaller families, more free time, but we spend
less of it with the people who are most valuable to us.

reached the Moon and came back, but we find it troublesome to cross our
own street and meet our neighbors. We have conquered the outer space,
but not our inner space.

are the times of finer houses, but broken homes. Even with all the
advances mankind has made,  we have forgotten what is important. In our
rush to improve our standard of living , materially, we have forgotten
the spiritual side of our lives.

We now are beginning to see some serious problems developing because
we, as a society have forgotten what is important. The moral breakdowns
that began in the 60s are now taking a tremendous toll on our way of
life. It is way past time to get back to the basics of life and follow
the age old concepts that enabled us to reach this high level of

today’s world what is right is wrong, and what is wrong is right, many
 people have forgotten or never been taught the  common sense values
that continue to work for generation after generation.

people think that just because they believe something , or because some
influential person in their life told them, something it is true. One
might have been able to rely on the wisdom of others in the past,
however today that simply isn’t true.

was common sense and wisdom only a few short years ago, is now thought
to be extremism by many in today’s society. Try to inform people of
values that work and many times you will be ridiculed for  being a nut
job and half crazy.

only way for us as a society to recover from this debacle is for the
people who still remember what the time tested values were is to clings
to our guns and bibles. We have been silent too long. We need to speak
out, facing ridicule is a minor inconvenience compared to what we will
face if society doesn’t get back doing the things that work, instead of
following the latest trend out of Hollywood.  Just seeing what kind of
lives most of those people lead should be enough to convince us that the
correct path in life is doing just the opposite of what they do.

Now is the time to stand firm in our beliefs, it is the only way out of this mess.

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Corporate Greed and Social Justice

today’s world , there seems  to be a big call for social justice, and
in some cases there is a huge separation between what the really well
off people earn and what the lower income people earn. I believe every
person deserves to earn as much as he can according to his abilities and
desires, and spend it how and where he wants.

having said that, the employees who earn the profits of large companies
also deserve a piece of the pie. But that is an issue that needs to be
solved between the employer and employee. The government has no place
interfering in this dispute. Even in these supposedly hard times, it is
still possible to better one self and seek employment in a more friendly

have had relatives lose jobs in the last few years and find new and
good paying jobs in the process. It may not be what they want to do ,
but it is a job and an income to pay the bills. Sooner or later
something more to their liking will come along and it will all turn out
for the best. I really don’t know of anyone who has always had their
dream job throughout their entire  life.

not sure why the boards of directors of some of these companies
unjustly reward executives for making  bad decisions  and leading their
company and way of life into economic hardship and ruin. It just doesn’t
make good sense.

people see social justice as a way to create a level playing field. I
have news for you, there is no level playing field. We are all created
equal in the sense we should  have equal opportunity, and in most case
in the United States, we do have equal opportunity, according to our
abilities and desires.

can’t make the poor wealthy by giving them money from the rich. This
theory has been tried time  and time again throughout history and has
always failed. All it does is make everyone poor and lazy. The only
people who believe this will work  are the ones who don’t have anything,
including ambition or self confidence,and  find it easier to take money
from the people who have it than go out and earn it for themselves.

aren’t doing anyone a favor by giving them a free ride, everyone, if
they are capable physically and mentally deserve to find their own way
and create a life where they can excel at what they do, with the least
interference from government as possible.

of the participants of the Occupy movement have no idea what life is
all about and even if some have a legitimate cause, many have lead lives
of affluence and never had to work for anything and as a result they
think they deserve all the luxuries of life to be given to them with
little or no effort.

could be farther from the truth, as I said earlier, we are all created
equal, but only in the sense we should have equal opportunity according
to our abilities and desires. Not equal economic or social standing, we
have to earn that.

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The Path of Least Resistance

me, water can be an excellent example of how we should live our
lives.From the time the raindrops first land on the earth, they begin
their journey to their final destination, the sea,water follows the path
of least resistance.

 It has become the most powerful force on earth by
following that simple precept. In most cases, water doesn’t force it’s
way into any environment. It just goes with the flow , silently seeking
it’s path by meandering and winding down life’s path ,thus seeking it’s
destination by following the path of least resistance.

find driving to be stressful, however during my life I have driven
several million miles. In most cases I have found drivers also follow
the path of least resistance. As they weave their way through traffic,
drivers are continuously following the path by changing lanes and going
where no other motorists are impeding their travel. Some become
impatient and try to force the situation by aggressive behaviour, but
for the most part, the motorists are just trying to reach their final
destination by following the easiest and most efficient path. They have
become like the water, meandering their way through life, following a
plan, but altering it to compensate for changing conditions.

have found most successful people also follow the same theory, they all
sooner or later learn to go with the flow and let the universe or God
lead them. They don’t abandon their life dreams or give up when to going
gets tough,  many times none of the paths are easy, but they continue
on by facing their challenges head on , and sooner or later they will
arrive at the summit of their life dreams.

most important part of the journey is the path  we take, where we learn
how to face roadblocks and obstructions to our destination, by them we
learn many lessons that are beneficial to our well being and evolution
as a human being. It has been often said the journey is more important
than the destination, I feel this is true. The destination is our reward
for not succumbing to all the trials and hardships we encountered along
the way.

as water continues on it’s journey to the sea, and motorists reach
their desired domicile so can we reach our ultimate destination , by
having a plan, sticking to it, but altering  it to reflect current and
changing situations and following our instincts in finding the best,
quickest and most beneficial roadway to our fulfillment.

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Life’s Journey and Inner Guidance

is often said that to arrive at your proper destination , you have to
know where you are going. While this may be true in many cases, in the
journey of life, it isn’t always true.

one does need a basic plan for your life, most life is  made up as we
go. I had my whole life planned out when I was 21, I am now approaching
the late 60s and I still haven’t done most of what I had planned or
assumed my life would be like. As I look back, I assumed life would be
like everyone else I knew, fairly normal and mundane. It didn’t turn out
that way and quite frankly, I would have been pretty bored if it had.

I envy those who have a so called normal life, I realize they have
never had the opportunity to experience half of what I have.  Boredom
has never been an issue. Having said that, I whole heartily believe that
when it comes to life, you need to plan as you go.

times when making life changing decisions we need to rely on inner
guidance, that little voice we all need to listen to more often. It has a
habit of laying out our best course of action a little bit at a time,
not one big lump sum at the tender age of 21 when we think we know
everything, when in actuality , we know very little.

Australian Aborigines believe they “dream” something up, before it
actually happens, therefore , when the event comes to pass, they already
know the correct course to follow. They believe their dreams are a
precursor to actual events, even if they don’t actually remember the
particular dream , they believe it is in their subconscious and is there
for remembering at the proper time.

sure we can all remember thinking certain thoughts or even making
certain statements in our mind, and then actually relaying this
information to someone during our normal waking day. This in my opinion
is what the aborigines are talking about. We are “dreaming” it up,
storing it in our subconscious and then using it at the proper time.

we travel down life’s journey, the are many  paths to follow, some will
only be for a short time, while many others could be for a lifetime.
Just as we get in a car and travel to a distant city, we will drive on
many different roads, so is the journey of life so traveled. We travel
many paths and we may not know where we are going, but we will know when
we have arrived.

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Social Changes, From Ancient Times Until Now

American Indian, once a proud and honorable culture has succumbed to
being dependent on government for their very existence. At one time they
as a whole were very independent and had a firm relationship with their
Supreme Being or Their God.

as such were very close and dependent on nature and the whims of the
weather. They were so in tune  they knew of approaching storms, hard
times and stampeding buffalo. They often foretold of coming events, not
only for their own personal tribes, but for mankind and the earth as

is not to say they were perfect, they knew little of fertilization and
thus did farm out the land and when it became too poor to raise crops,
they would move on to more fertile ground thereby enabling the land
replenish itself over time.

American Indian never developed any technology and thus didn’t advance
their civilization one iota over ten thousand years,  they were still
living much the same in Columbus’s time as they were thousands of years
ago. This one fact eventually lead to their downfall, being big on
spirituality and short on technology can only lead to disaster.

we have advanced to having the most technological advanced society the
modern world has ever known. We have new innovations coming at us daily,
often times so rapidly it is hard to keep up. In the process we are
also losing our culture, spirituality has become non-existent, and many
times people who are so inclined are ridiculed into submission, so they
remain quiet.

in a perfect world advances both in technology and spirituality, or
their relationship to a divine source. As has been exemplified in the
previous paragraphs, this is not always the case. It seems civilization
either concentrate on one or the other and not both. In most societies
in the past, the focus has been on spirituality. The only two exceptions
I might mention would be Atlantis and Ancient Egypt where much focus
was placed on both areas, in particular Atlantis.

have reached a point in time in the evolution of man where we need to
focus on both, we have accomplished much in the scientific world over
the last several generations, now it is time to bring our spiritual
world up to par with our world of technology.

is much evidence in the world to make this seem evident, with all the
unrest and civil disobedience it is way past time to remember what is
important in life and to arrange our priorities to reflect the time worn
values that are the basis of an enduring society.

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How to Change the World

Change the world, one person at a time.

up in a conservative part of the country, almost all of my relatives
and friends were conservative. As I now look back, I realize the
liberals of that particular time would be considered conservatives
today. I never in my wildest dreams even considered how people would
think today.  The icon of the Democratic party, John F. Kennedy would
not even be considered to be a Democrat by today’s standards.

not sure how all of this convoluted thinking came about, I myself began
a journey several years ago trying to decide if what I believed was true or even close to the truth. There was so much opposition to the
beliefs I and my family had held for generations I had to find out if my
beliefs and principles would hold water.

was never one to openly state my beliefs, as most conservatives I
remained quiet  as society changed. I disagreed with much of what the
main stream media and the liberal society was preaching, however I assumed most of the people knew better and right would win over all.

the general course of things, most people become more conservative as
they get older, however in today’s world, that doesn’t seem to be true. I
seemingly see people just getting more set in their ways as they age
and never questioning what they believe, to see if it may be true. I
have found many people just don’t think for themselves, only believing
the last sound bite they may have heard on CNN or MSNBC.

the mid 80s during the Reagan era, Rush Limbaugh came on the scene, I
was able to only listen to him occasionally , however what he had to say
made a lot sense,listening to him  was like listening to my
grandparents . It didn’t take long to realize that watching CNN was a
total waste of time.  This belief was reinforced when it was learned
that during the Iraq war , CNN was only broadcasting news from Iraq that
Saddam Hussein wanted us to see. Much was hidden from us.

several years of searching for my truth, I realized my ancestors and I
had been right all along. Liberalism doesn’t work, I believe as Rush
often says, “If we want to conquer a country, all we have to do is send a
few liberals over and let them start multiplying.” No society can
withstand their ideology.

more and more people today are beginning to realize liberalism has
quietly found it’s way into our way of life. While most of us slept, the
schools and universities have begun teaching it as the way of life. A
well renowned economics professor at Princeton daily spews his false
hoods on live TV. If this is taught in our colleges, it is no wonder our
youth think the way they do.

realize that life styles change and often times change is good, however
, there are certain things that never change. They are called the Laws
of Nature, or God’s Laws. These laws are unchangeable, they are physical
laws such as the law of gravity that must be obeyed if one is to have a
happy and productive life. If one calls a dog’s tail a leg, it is still
a tail, the dog won’t suddenly have five legs.

have come to realize the teachings of the bible are more than just
words that some ancient sage uttered. It is a guide to a happy, healthy
and prosperous life. Not only the Christian Bible, but all sacred books
of the various faiths all preach the same basic message. It isn’t so
much the messenger as it is the message.

the ancient cultures such as the Druids and Aborigines basically taught
the same thing. It is time to remember that Nature’s Laws cannot be
broken with out extreme consequences. We need to become more vocal and
let people know how we feel and what we believe, too much is at stake to
remain quiet. We have done that for way too long.

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