Corporate Greed and Social Justice

today’s world , there seems  to be a big call for social justice, and
in some cases there is a huge separation between what the really well
off people earn and what the lower income people earn. I believe every
person deserves to earn as much as he can according to his abilities and
desires, and spend it how and where he wants.

having said that, the employees who earn the profits of large companies
also deserve a piece of the pie. But that is an issue that needs to be
solved between the employer and employee. The government has no place
interfering in this dispute. Even in these supposedly hard times, it is
still possible to better one self and seek employment in a more friendly

have had relatives lose jobs in the last few years and find new and
good paying jobs in the process. It may not be what they want to do ,
but it is a job and an income to pay the bills. Sooner or later
something more to their liking will come along and it will all turn out
for the best. I really don’t know of anyone who has always had their
dream job throughout their entire  life.

not sure why the boards of directors of some of these companies
unjustly reward executives for making  bad decisions  and leading their
company and way of life into economic hardship and ruin. It just doesn’t
make good sense.

people see social justice as a way to create a level playing field. I
have news for you, there is no level playing field. We are all created
equal in the sense we should  have equal opportunity, and in most case
in the United States, we do have equal opportunity, according to our
abilities and desires.

can’t make the poor wealthy by giving them money from the rich. This
theory has been tried time  and time again throughout history and has
always failed. All it does is make everyone poor and lazy. The only
people who believe this will work  are the ones who don’t have anything,
including ambition or self confidence,and  find it easier to take money
from the people who have it than go out and earn it for themselves.

aren’t doing anyone a favor by giving them a free ride, everyone, if
they are capable physically and mentally deserve to find their own way
and create a life where they can excel at what they do, with the least
interference from government as possible.

of the participants of the Occupy movement have no idea what life is
all about and even if some have a legitimate cause, many have lead lives
of affluence and never had to work for anything and as a result they
think they deserve all the luxuries of life to be given to them with
little or no effort.

could be farther from the truth, as I said earlier, we are all created
equal, but only in the sense we should have equal opportunity according
to our abilities and desires. Not equal economic or social standing, we
have to earn that.

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