You Control Your Destiny

these changing times, people need to realize each one of us is in
control of our individual life. Over the past several decades many have
turned control of their destiny over to either the government, big
business or a union.

times this has seemed to make good economic sense, much has been
provided to us by working for a large company or the government and
having all our economic needs satisfied with little conscious thought on
our part.

downside is this has created a sense of entitlement where people begin
to think they deserve everything in life just because they exist. People
believe that work isn’t necessary and effort doesn’t need to be put
forth to gain the fruits of our labor.

most states it is illegal to feed wild animals because by doing so the
animal becomes dependent on humans and they forget how to fend for
themselves. When the human involvement ends, the animal thus can starve
to death. Many Americans have become like those wild animals, they have
become so dependent on others for their survival that when the gravy
trains ends they no longer know how to make it on their own.

We now blame government for all our problems, and rightfully so,
government has and always will fail us. We need to remember who voted
for these people and who put them into office. We can only blame
ourselves for the actions of congress and the president. Most often
people are elected based on how much “free stuff” they are going to hand
out once elected. The “stuff” isn’t free, someone is paying for it.

As a result of straying from our basic instincts,,we  Americans have
become victims of our own success. We as a people need to take back our
power, we are the only ones who can successfully control our destiny and
give us the life we want, no one can do it for us.

one travels through life, you can’t but help to realize you have
created your life by the decisions you have made. You are the author of
you life. You are a magnet , you attract the things , people, ideas, and
circumstances to you that resonate at the same vibrational rate as you

said that, one needs to realize , however hard it may be , you are
responsible for everything you have experienced, either on a conscious
or subconscious level. Once one comes to terms with that reality, it
becomes apparent you have the ability to change your life.

Like attracts like, our “magnet” only attracts to us like thoughts and
actions, as we think we become, change your thinking and your life will
change. You don’t make this happen, you just let it happen.The magnet
doesn’t do anything, it just is.

live in the greatest country ever know to man,(at least in this
millennium,) , we have all the tools necessary to create whatever life
we desire , based upon our abilities and ambitions. The only ingredient
missing is our realizing that each one is in control of their own  life,
we can shape it as we want, and it is up to no one but ourselves to
decide how we want to live.

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The Need for the Second Amendment

the beginning of our country, the second amendment has continuously
been under fire. There are always going to be people who think the
private citizen shouldn’t have guns and be allowed to defend themselves.
As much as they are entitled to their own opinion, they are erroneous
in their thinking.

believe a well regulated militia is something akin to our National
Guard, and this militia is the one chosen to protect us. Even though the
National Guard’s objective is to protect the citizenry, in the days of
our founding, every male citizen was a part of the militia and as a
result it was the private citizen who had the right to bear arms. Any
one thinks about it rationally realizes that living in a society where
only government employees have guns  would not be a good thing. This
thinking displays no distrust of our military, but shows a knowledge of
how thinking of this kind could lead to disaster.

right to bear arms is one of our basic rights, it insures our freedom,
the first thing an oppressive government does is take away the arms of
it’s people, thereby rendering them defenseless. The government can then
do whatever it wants without fear of reprisal.

under the most ideal circumstances , we really can’t depend on the
government for our personal protection. As well meaning and efficient as
the local law enforcement authorities may be , they simply can’t be
every place at the same time.

Suppose someone breaks into your house, in almost every case it is
going to take the law enforcement officers at least ten minutes to
arrive at your humble abode, what are you going to do in the mean time,
sit down and have tea and crumpets with your intruder?

is something most people never think about and rightfully so, it is
something many  people don’t like to face. No one wants to confront a
criminal, it is much easier for some one else to do it for us. The
problem is , in most cases, there is no one else. If we don’t do it, no
one will, and people we know and love , including ourselves can wind up
hurt or killed.

doesn’t sound like a very good option to me. Ask the career criminal
what they most fear, the number one fear is the homeowner having a
firearm, the second fear is a dog, and the third fear is they may call
the police.  Calling the police is way down the list as the criminal
knows that by the time the police arrive, the chances are pretty good ,
they will be long gone.

times the homeowner will have a small sign stating they have one of the
major security systems installed when they really don’t , all they have
is a sign. I think an even better sign would be stating ,”This property
insured by Smith and Wesson.” This would deter even more crime. Most
times the weapon never has to be used , most criminal are cowards, the
threat is more than enough to drive them away.

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To Let Go is to Open a Door

“To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”

‘People have a hard time letting go of their suffering.
Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”  Thich Nhat Hanh.

Most of us are controlled by fear, in one form or another. As much as we try to deny it , fear has an effect on all of us. The fear is greater for some than others, while some may be afraid to come out of the house after dark , or be afraid to drive on the roads for fear of being killed in a so-called accident, for most it takes much more than this to arouse our deepest fears.

Many go to extremes to conquer fear, such as sky diving or traveling deep into the Amazon in search of native tribes and wildlife, confronting them to conquer whatever fear they may have. The list can go on and on , and in this sense we could never confront and conquer all our fears, as soon as we conquer one fear, another arises.

The only true way to truly conquer fear is to put our life in control of a higher power. This doesn’t mean to give up control of our life, it just means to let go and go on. We still have control over our actions and our destiny.

 When we let go, we still chart our course in life, however we leave the path and direction to a higher power. In this sense we are always given choices and the option to choose which path to take. We fear nothing because we believe no harm can come to us and every event in life leads to a higher learning.

We learn the soul is indestructable and we can’t die, at least our soul doesn’t. We quit looking backwards and having regrets of things left undone. We realize we made the best decision  based on the information we had at the time. Everything happens for a reason , and sometimes it can take years for the final outcome based on a decision we made earlier in life.

The path to a better life.

When we overcome fear, we let go and let be, realizing there is a divine plan for us that we chose at the time of birth. We don’t always see the big picture and need to leave it up to divine intelligence to know the final outcome and the direction to go, step by step.

As we conquer our fears, our wisdom increases because the channel  is opened wider and wider for the connection of our soul to divine spirit.

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Bush and Obama: The Differences

The differences between George W. Bush and our now President Obama
never cease to amaze me. I certainly don’t think that everything Bush
did was the correct path to take ,especially in issues of a financial
and of an economic nature, but over all, his pluses far outweigh his
negatives. and I feel he was the right guy at the right time.

especially admire President Bush for his stand on  national security,
he went ahead in spite of opposition from the left and implemented
policies and procedures that have kept us safe for over ten years. For
that difficult task alone he should be praised.

the precedent  set by George Washington and adhered to,  by almost
every president since, (except Carter and Clinton),he never once blamed a
predecessor for any event  during his watch. The practice is and should
be followed by every leader, not only the President, but the leader of
any organization as well. It is just common courtesy to not criticize
someone excessively after their term of office is completed.

He has always accepted responsibility of not only his actions, but also
the actions of those working under him as well. As Harry Truman once
said,”The buck stops here.”

accepted responsibility, Obama doesn’t, he still blames everything on
Bush and everyone but himself. Obama has very thin skin and doesn’t
handle criticism very well. Obama thinks he can shift the blame onto
someone else and the public will buy it. This isn’t true any longer . It
may have worked for a while, but most of the American people are
finally waking up and realizing Obama’s true colors.

him or not Bush is a patriot and believes in America, he believes in
America’s ability to right itself during any time of peril and sooner or
later do the right thing and continue on in it’s path of individual
freedom and free enterprise.

doesn’t, he believes in the socialist view point that only government
can solve our problems, he believes that government knows best how to
fix  the problems in our personal lives and the individual is clueless
and needs to be lead around like sheep.

for one don’t believe that. I know how much air to put in my tires, I
know what kind of car I want to drive and whether or not I can afford to
put gas in it.  I know what kind of light bulb I want in my house and
if I want a big Mac or a salad for lunch. I know the consequences of my
actions and am willing to accept them.

has never figured this out, he thinks he is smarter than the rest of us
and needs to make those kind of decisions for us. I for one  agree with
George W. Bush.

return America back on the path it was intended, a path of individual
liberty and responsibility, let’s leave the socialism to the European
countries, if their way of life was so great, our ancestors would have
never left.

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Life Purpose, Changing the World One Step at a Time

Many think their life purpose has to be some noble cause where humanity is changed forever by their actions. This is not always the case, we can’t all be famous statesmen and warriors.

If being a world leader is not in your future , it is not cause for concern You can still affect and change the world one step and one person at a time. By the way, this is still the best and most productive course of action.

Often times our ego gets in the way and we think noble and just causes have to always influence large numbers of people and we need to be some sort of charismatic public figure. Get rid of your ego and just follow your dreams. Allow yourself to just do what you can, completing each step before going on to the next project.

You have placed yourself exactly where you need to be, in most cases you don’t have to change careers or lifestyle to begin you journey, at least not for now. If you do , it normally can be done gradually and all in due time.

Living your life purpose and your passion will effect many people over a life time and thus greatly influence those along the way. This in turn will influence others and in this way you can and will change the world.

When you live your passion, and it doesn’t matter what it is , you are living life to the fullest. You are contributing to society and teaching others to do the same with your enthusiasm. This in turn illustrates to others to not sit around and wait for someone else to make them happy or prosperous.

People are happiest when they are contributing even in a small way. Many small actions make one big wave of human accomplishment. The small actions of many far out weigh the bold actions of a few. It works like multilevel marketing where you are taught to get three people and then they get three until you build a financial empire through the actions and work of many. 

The concept is that you only recruit three people and let your downline build from that. In the same way your actions can multiply many times over by just working your circle on influence and as a result the people in your circle of influence will also affect the lives of those in their circle. Thus over time your small deeds have made their mark on the world.

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Interconnected Oneness

I think we have all wrestled with this concept regardless of our religious and spiritual philosophies. The following article to me illustrates what is meant better than anything else I have read or seen.

“Imagine you are a drop of water in the ocean. As a drop, you have your own unique identity. Yet, you are made up of the same substance as all the rest of the ocean. There is no separation between you and the other drops. In your connection with other drops, you form the ocean. Although you are one with the ocean, you have the free will to do as you please,creating new experiences, changing form, moving in, and out of existences.

Sometimes you choose to dance in the vast oneness of the ocean. Sometimes you choose to change form, evaporating into the atmosphere,exploring the world of air and clouds. You may choose yet another experience, becoming a raindrop that falls to earth.

Maybe you explore the snow experience. Maybe you join with several trillion of your friends to stretch beyond the ocean experience to become a river for a while. Maybe you become drinking water and explore the experience of being inside a plant , animal, or human being.

You may experience yourself as a hydrating fluid, as blood, as sweat or urine. Maybe you join  the liquids of the sewage system. And maybe you go back to the ocean. Whatever choices you make, whatever experiences you have, a few things remain constant.

You are never separate from the ocean, you may feel separate or disconnected, but you are still part of the ocean. Because you are part of the whole, what you do as an individual affects the experience of the entire ocean. If you evaporate, move or migrate the ocean is affected. No experience is good or bad, only different. Everything you and every other drop does affects each other and the ocean as a whole.

And so it is with life and your relationship with source. That drop of water is you and the ocean is All That Is. Your consciousness creates your reality and it influences the reality of the collective consciousness. This means you are powerful and no one can be a victim unless they choose to do so.

It also means when you pursue your dreams , not only will you be happier, but it will affect the consciousness of the whole and create an environment where everyone benefits. Once you begin to realize this, there can be no separation between you and the Source.

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