Interconnected Oneness

I think we have all wrestled with this concept regardless of our religious and spiritual philosophies. The following article to me illustrates what is meant better than anything else I have read or seen.

“Imagine you are a drop of water in the ocean. As a drop, you have your own unique identity. Yet, you are made up of the same substance as all the rest of the ocean. There is no separation between you and the other drops. In your connection with other drops, you form the ocean. Although you are one with the ocean, you have the free will to do as you please,creating new experiences, changing form, moving in, and out of existences.

Sometimes you choose to dance in the vast oneness of the ocean. Sometimes you choose to change form, evaporating into the atmosphere,exploring the world of air and clouds. You may choose yet another experience, becoming a raindrop that falls to earth.

Maybe you explore the snow experience. Maybe you join with several trillion of your friends to stretch beyond the ocean experience to become a river for a while. Maybe you become drinking water and explore the experience of being inside a plant , animal, or human being.

You may experience yourself as a hydrating fluid, as blood, as sweat or urine. Maybe you join  the liquids of the sewage system. And maybe you go back to the ocean. Whatever choices you make, whatever experiences you have, a few things remain constant.

You are never separate from the ocean, you may feel separate or disconnected, but you are still part of the ocean. Because you are part of the whole, what you do as an individual affects the experience of the entire ocean. If you evaporate, move or migrate the ocean is affected. No experience is good or bad, only different. Everything you and every other drop does affects each other and the ocean as a whole.

And so it is with life and your relationship with source. That drop of water is you and the ocean is All That Is. Your consciousness creates your reality and it influences the reality of the collective consciousness. This means you are powerful and no one can be a victim unless they choose to do so.

It also means when you pursue your dreams , not only will you be happier, but it will affect the consciousness of the whole and create an environment where everyone benefits. Once you begin to realize this, there can be no separation between you and the Source.

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