Bush and Obama: The Differences

The differences between George W. Bush and our now President Obama
never cease to amaze me. I certainly don’t think that everything Bush
did was the correct path to take ,especially in issues of a financial
and of an economic nature, but over all, his pluses far outweigh his
negatives. and I feel he was the right guy at the right time.

especially admire President Bush for his stand on  national security,
he went ahead in spite of opposition from the left and implemented
policies and procedures that have kept us safe for over ten years. For
that difficult task alone he should be praised.

the precedent  set by George Washington and adhered to,  by almost
every president since, (except Carter and Clinton),he never once blamed a
predecessor for any event  during his watch. The practice is and should
be followed by every leader, not only the President, but the leader of
any organization as well. It is just common courtesy to not criticize
someone excessively after their term of office is completed.

He has always accepted responsibility of not only his actions, but also
the actions of those working under him as well. As Harry Truman once
said,”The buck stops here.”

accepted responsibility, Obama doesn’t, he still blames everything on
Bush and everyone but himself. Obama has very thin skin and doesn’t
handle criticism very well. Obama thinks he can shift the blame onto
someone else and the public will buy it. This isn’t true any longer . It
may have worked for a while, but most of the American people are
finally waking up and realizing Obama’s true colors.

him or not Bush is a patriot and believes in America, he believes in
America’s ability to right itself during any time of peril and sooner or
later do the right thing and continue on in it’s path of individual
freedom and free enterprise.

doesn’t, he believes in the socialist view point that only government
can solve our problems, he believes that government knows best how to
fix  the problems in our personal lives and the individual is clueless
and needs to be lead around like sheep.

for one don’t believe that. I know how much air to put in my tires, I
know what kind of car I want to drive and whether or not I can afford to
put gas in it.  I know what kind of light bulb I want in my house and
if I want a big Mac or a salad for lunch. I know the consequences of my
actions and am willing to accept them.

has never figured this out, he thinks he is smarter than the rest of us
and needs to make those kind of decisions for us. I for one  agree with
George W. Bush.

return America back on the path it was intended, a path of individual
liberty and responsibility, let’s leave the socialism to the European
countries, if their way of life was so great, our ancestors would have
never left.

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