Life’s Journey

me, water can be an excellent example of how we should live our
lives.From the time the raindrops first land on the earth, they begin
their journey to their final destination, the sea.Water follows the path
of least resistance.

 It has become the most powerful force on earth by
following that simple precept. In most cases, water doesn’t force it’s
way into any environment. It just goes with the flow , silently seeking
it’s path by meandering and winding down life’s path ,thus seeking it’s
destination by following the path of least resistance.

this thought in mind, it has occurred to me that maybe when the planet
experiences a major flood, tsunami or other disaster it is nature’s way
of telling us we need to lighten up and follow the path of least
resistance. We , as humans have a natural tendency to make life more
complicated than it needs to be . We are always trying to go against the
grain and instead of allowing nature to take it’s course, we try to
alter events to our own liking, forgetting that if we ask the universe
for what we want and move confidentially in that direction, our wants
will be taken care of.

we need to do is step out of the way and just “be”. It is in these
times of trying to force our will upon the universe that the universe
fights back and gently explains to us that God is in charge and we
should let him find the solutions. When we step back and let God do it ,
the outcome is always better than when we pre-plan the outcome.

doesn’t mean we should do nothing, quite the contrary, we need to
remain active in the process. What we don’t want to do is to have a
predetermined idea in mind about how it is all going to turn out.

we need to set a goal and not settle for less, but sometimes what we
ask for isn’t in our best interest. Many times the universe has a much
better future in mind than we could ever imagine for ourselves. There is
a  lot of truth in the country song, “Thank God for unanswered
prayers.” Many times the best way God answers our prayers is to remain

pray for what you want , or something better, for the highest good of
all concerned. Be just like that small stream of water, go with the
flow, change directions if needed and you will reach the sea of
contentment all in due time.

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