A New Way of Looking at Money

A New Way Of Looking At Money

It is often said that money is the root of all evil. How can that be. Money is an inert object, it doesn’t do anything, it has no consciousness or mind. Money by itself can do nothing or influence anyone, especially in these days when often times money is only an image on a computer screen.

It is only a person’s perception of money that can be called the root of all evil. If you are one who believes that money is the root of all evil, maybe you need to change your perception of it. Money is a result of spent energy, in order for money to be earned, some one has to do something to earn it, either by work or using one’s mind to create energy which is then transferred into money, thus enabling us to buy services and products we want and need. Money can either be a positive or negative force in our life, depending on our attitude towards it.

How do you feel about money, does it create a positive or negative feeling in your life? Does it fill you with feelings of need, want, fear,guilt or insecurity? Or  does the thought or money fill you with gratitude , happiness and delight?

Your perception of money can and will determine your financial state of affairs in life. If you continuously have feelings of want and need in your life, then that is what you will create. If you have positive thoughts of plenty and surplus, then that is what the universe will give you.

Money is nothing but energy, since the universe has an unlimited supply of energy, there is an unlimited supply of money, it is only your feelings of lack that creates need. The secret of having more prosperity in one’s life begins in the mind. Most people have been taught from early in life there is something wrong with being wealthy. Many have guilt feelings about being wealthy when there are so many poor people around them. Your being rich or poor has nothing to do with how much money anyone else has.

If you are extremely wealthy and give all your money away, the poor will still be poor. If you become wealthy, the poor will still be poor, give all your money to the poor,and in a few days of weeks , they will be poor again.

This is because they believe in scarcity. They believe if one
person has more money there is less for them. This could not be farther
from the truth. Money is energy and the universe has an infinite supply of energy. Therefore there is an infinite supply of money and everyone in the entire world could be a billionaire many times over. 

To have more money and prosperity in your life, many times old beliefs and feelings must be dealt with. You can have all the wealth in the world and if you harbor feelings of guilt and lack, the money will soon disappear. Spend your money wisely but willingly, let if flow from you in a positive and giving manner. When you feel good about letting go of your money , it will return many times over.

When you release money in a positive manner it creates a vacuum which must be filled, the laws of the universe demand that this vacuum be filled and more will come than you released. This is the reasoning behind tithing. When money is given freely and gratefully to a church or God, it is returned in abundance.

Release it with a sense of gratitude. Take care of your needs
and wants (yes be good to yourself) knowing there will always be more
than enough. Also, give! Share your money with others. Help them with
their wants and needs. Let go of your money with gratitude in your
heart and you will be amazed at how fast it comes back. 

You need to have money, it is how we buy the products and service we want and need, we no longer carry a bushel of corn around like the indians did. The world needs you to have money, money is what makes the world go around. Without money you cannot help yourself or others, and the more you have, the more you can help.  When was the last time a  poor person  gave anyone a job.

Money in the right hands can perform miracles and save lives. Money enriches peoples lives and raises them up out of poverty and despair.Remove those feelings of guilt and unworthiness, you deserve to have wealth in your life as much as anyone else. Work on developing a positive attitude, not only about money, but about all aspects of your life and you will achieve a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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  1. I’m afraid you are wrong about money. Just because something is a physical object doesn’t mean it doesnt have a parallel existence in the collective psyche. Right now money is the primary commonality that we interact with people day to day, based on. It has become in some ways the fabric of society. What if, instead of acting out of want or need of money, we acted out of love for those around us?


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