Take Back Your Power, Take Charge of Your Thoughts

People have different views concerning the concept of heaven and hell , depending on their religious concepts. Many think of them as  a physical reality where we travel after passing from this life. Thus , they believe how they live this live has a bearing on which existence they enter upon death.

Some believe there are different levels of the post existence and subsequent to their behavior they enter a various kingdom depending on the quality of their life on earth, while some never give it much thought at all.


After living several years on earth during this lifetime, I have come to the conclusion each and everyone one of us experiences heaven or hell on this very plane of existence. I don’t really believe in a physical heaven or hell, they are only what we create in our own mind.

Life can be a gift or a nightmare, depending on where you choose
to operate from consciously.  I believe that a previous existence can and does play a role in how our life plays out in the present. We carry many memories with us as we enter a new phase of enlightenment. As we evolve many times, many issues need to be resolved for us to enjoy a more prosperous and happy lifetime.

One cannot go through life without creating events that could stand in the way of our advancement towards that which we desire. These so called negative events should be looked upon as an opportunity to provide a positive outcome to what could be an unpleasant experience.

There are no good or bad experiences in life, it is only in how we perceive them that is negative or positive. It is up to the individual soul to make lemonade from lemons. No one can do it for us.

The opportunity always presents itself and if we don’t respond in a positive way, guess what? We get to do it all over again until we finally get it right and the karma is resolved. There are many ways one can find his or her way through this maze and safely reach the other side.

Regardless of your method and approach , maintaining a positive attitude and a feeling of gratitude for what blessings you have is of the utmost importance. Without this, nothing else will work. Concentrate on anything positive in your life, no matter how small. As time goes by this ability to focus on the positive, will manifest and soon you will see much more to be thankful for.

By all means don’t even think about the negative, by doing so only magnifies what you don’t want, we always create in our life what we focus on. When you find yourself thinking about what you don’t want, stop immediately and change your thoughts to something that you do want.

View every experience, no matter how trying or difficult it may be as a chance to learn and grow, it is a gift. Sooner or later , when you look back on your life you will begin to realize the difficult times were when you were taught the most valuable lessons in your life. The people who gave you the most difficult times were the ones you learned the most from. They were your teachers and sometimes the people who give us the hardest lessons are the ones who care the most for us.

Don’t be too quick to judge, let the scenario play itself out before passing final judgement as to if it was a negative or positive experience. Everything happens for a reason and something good comes from each life experience , we were presented with the event for a reason.

In time, forgive yourself and others. This doesn’t mean you should condone bad behavior, the souls you are interacting with are also on a path with valuable lessons to learn . By condoning bad behavior, you are giving them a pass and thus they miss an opportunity to learn a much needed lesson. I think the key is to forgive, but not forget. If someone wrongs you, the first time it is their fault, if it happens again, it is your fault.

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings and be ready to intercept your thoughts if they suddenly turn on you. By meditating and/ or praying regularly one stays in tune with the source and you will be guided to perform the proper actions and thoughts, thus enabling you to improve your lot in life.

Evolving and improving your life can be a long process, in fact, that is what life is all about, and thus the learning never ends. Life is all about taking back our power and using it in a way that will be of most benefit to not only ourselves, but humanity as well.

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