The Seperation of Church and State

I have a difficult time comprehending  peoples rationale. This was
never much of an issue to me until shortly after moving to Florida and
the beginning of our current century. Not sure if that had anything to
do with it, but judging by how much things have changed since then, it
may have.

first situation I had a hard time comprehending was the fact that “I
hate George Bush” bumper stickers began to appear the day after the 2000
election, the man hadn’t even been declared the winner yet and already
people were hating him. I had never seen that before, not that soon
after an election. I’ve known for a long time that  politicians aren’t
very civil, but some had just reached a new low, and as I was beginning
to realize, we hadn’t seen anything yet.

We had just moved to Sarasota Florida and as a result were looking for
 a social life as well as various other activities to participate in.
Having an interest in politics I became interested in attending a local
meeting for the separation of church and state. It seemed like a fairly
neutral topic, one that would attract people from both sides of the
political spectrum. I could see nothing liberal or conservative about

me, the separation of church and state simply means the state cannot
force us to practice a certain religion. It means we keep the state out
of religion, but we don’t keep God out of government. Our country was
founded on Judeo-Christian values and most, if not all of the founding fathers professed a belief in God or a Supreme Being.

fact the Declaration of Independence clearly states that “We are
endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights”, how plain does
it have to be? I was soon to learn that not everyone thinks like I do.

The meeting began peaceful enough, the moderator even made reference
 that there may be some conservatives in the crowd and an effort should
be made to be courteous to their opinions. What? You can’t be a
conservative and believe in the separation of church and state? I
thought the issue in itself was a pretty conservative idea.

meeting went down hill soon after that and basically turned into a hate
George Bush rally.I was informed that I couldn’t possibly believe in
the separation of church and state and be a conservative. Whatever
happened to the so-called open minded liberals? I soon discovered they
are only open minded if you agree with them.

had never observed so much hatred to anyone or a philosophy as I did at
that meeting, I even tried to reason with people individually after the
meeting adjourned, when they found out I was a conservative , they
would have nothing to do with me. After that, the term “open minded
liberal” took on an entirely different meaning.

anything this meeting reinforced my conservative beliefs and I began to
realize there was a huge political divide in this country and it was
only getting larger, this new found liberalism was going to have a
profound effect on our country and it wasn’t going to be good.

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  1. These days the boundaries between the parties have changed, in today’s world, Kennedy or Reagan would have a hard time getting elected. We need to get back to the basic values this country was founded on. The only way that will ever happen is if we as a country some how get a more informed electorate, one who isn’t always looking for a handout and have the interests of the country in mine rather than their own self interests.


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