Take Charge by Taking Responsibility

Often times we find ourselves in difficult situations in which we feel we have no control over or didn’t do anything to create them.

This is never the case, everything , every encounter, every experience is one we personally created on some level of consciousness. We are all born with free will and just as we have the free will to choose to eat a hot fudge sundae or a cup of yogurt, so we have the free will to choose each and every event in our life. Free will is constant, it doesn’t come and go , it is always there, you can’t pick and choose when to exercise it.

We may not realize it, but that is a reality.  The events in our life happen for a reason, they are all learning experiences, sadly we learn more from the so called negative experiences than the positive ones. That is why we seemingly create more of them.

There are no accidents in life, only learning experiences, how we choose to learn life’s lessons is entirely up to us, no one else has any influence on those decisions. We can’t blame a spouse, our parents, the government, or our boss. We as individuals have created everything in our environment. It is a matter of good or so called bad choices.

The trick is to retrain ourselves to learn life’s lessons in a way that is more positive and fulfilling and thus not suffer the consequences of bad decisions.

One of the major keys to this is realizing we are in control of our life and the decisions we make ultimately determine the direction it takes. After we realize we have no one to blame but ourselves, the process can begin.

The first step, I believe is to get in touch with our Higher Self or God Source. Our Higher Self , or Christ Consciousness is that little voice we often hear that is trying to direct us to the right path, it is the one that tries to warn us when we are making unwise decisions, the times when we know we shouldn’t be doing something, but we do it any way.

The way to achieving a more intimate relationship with your Higher Self or Christ Consciousness is to begin meditating and or praying, soon you will begin to feel a closer association with the God Source and will learn to listen to the gentle proddings.

This is not the same as feeling fear, often times we feel fear when trying something new and we don’t realize how it can turn out. One has to learn to distingush between the two, at times this just boils down to trial and error, and again listening to that tiny voice.

It probably won’t happen over night and often one needs to take two steps forward and one backward until we become more adept at running our own affairs.

Often times it is really difficult facing up to the fact we have created the most disasterous times in our lives and there is no one else to blame, but it is the only way to work your way out of this mess, and once on the journey, the path gets easier and less filled with obstacles.

Soon you will be breeezing along, creating a better, more enjoyable life, one in which life’s little disasters no longer have as profound effect on your well being as they once did.

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