You are Where You Need to Be

this point in time, many people feel they are not completing their
“mission” on earth. Many feel they are stuck in time and not progressing
as they should. At this time,  it is  the perfect time to remember ,
you are right where you should be at this moment .

these feelings surface, it means you life is about to change, you have
done everything necessary to effect your moving into the next stage of
your life, you are only waiting for the universe to respond to your

times one may feel remorse over deeds done or left undone in the past.
At this point , the past doesn’t affect your future, you have done
everything necessary to create a more desirable future, the past doesn’t
matter, just let it go.

can be many reasons why you are where you are at this time in history,
none of the reasons matter, the only thing that makes is a difference is
your reason for advancing.

as the actions you feel may hinder your future, the triumphs also make
little difference, you are in the here and now, it is time to move on.
Once this is realized, one naturally feels completely free, free of any
obligations or karma, the future is now yours to mold into what you most

now realize the only thing holding you back is your belief that
something is holding you back. Now is the time to go beyond the limits
you have placed upon yourself. it is time to reach inside yourself and
touch your soul, realize you can have whatever your heart desires.

is the time to be true to the light that burns deep inside you, hold on
to your dream, and be mindful of the good thoughts and feeling in your
heart. Now is the time to follow your talents and passions, don’t take
the road others say you must follow, or a path  because it would seem
easier or more popular.

is no light or desire that burns brighter than the light burning inside
of you, hide not your light under a bushel,be true to yourself, follow
your dream, it will guide you to your own personal greatness and you
will be admired and loved just for who you are.

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