Is Your Child at Risk?

Is Your Child a Sufferer . . . Are You? 

This is not my article, but I agree wholeheartedly.

Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein
The world of medicine is scared and honestly so am I.

A whole raft of treatments that used to work, for example, anti-biotics,
are proving themselves less and less able to deal with bugs that have
become resistant and new conditions that appear from time to time.

And it’s not just in the world of physical ailments that treatments have
started to fail. In the world of psychology too, treatments and
therapies that were once believed to offer solutions have not lived up
to expectations.

Now parents face a new and potentially graver problem as they attempt to
bring up their kids. Like so many such conditions like ADD and ADHD, it
is known by its acronym, B.O.Y.

Many clinicians, although highly qualified in the fields of Psychology
and Counseling were utterly unaware of this condition till recently.
Often they misdiagnosed it as the traditional ADD or ADHD. Of course
this led to inappropriate treatments and considerable expense for
medications that simply did not tackle the problem. Now they are looking
and sounding pessimistic that they will be able to deal with what seems
to be a Pandemic.

Jewish parents are no less affected by this condition than anyone else.
Mrs Gloria Epstein of New Rochelle, NY was quoted in a recent study,
“Michael junior had just turned four. My husband Michael senior and I
hadn’t noticed anything unusual. Little Micky was such a loveable baby,
you know what I mean? Then he started doing crazy stuff, running about,
yelling, breaking things, fighting with his sister and giving us
Chutzpa. He took to writing on his walls with felt pen and every toy we
gave him lasted only days before it ended up in the garbage. We took him
to our therapist hoping it would be something normal like ADD and Micky
could take medication and we could get back to being normal family. The
doctor told us that little Micky might be suffering from a recently
diagnosed condition called, B.O.Y.

We were devastated. When we decided to become parents we never dreamt in
a million years that we would have to contend with something as
horrific as this!”
Dr. David Stein, a Psychologist based in Manhattan with thirty years
experience, was equally downbeat. “Myself and my colleagues have
dedicated our lives to solving childhood disorders but frankly, this has
got us beat. I fear for the future of the profession and our ability to
sustain our credibility unless we can get on top of this and soon. This
thing just crept upon us. We simply didn’t see it coming.”

Indeed many professionals have seen their incomes plummet as more and
more parents have realized that traditional Therapists have no more idea
about how to treat B.O.Y syndrome than they have.

Help though may well be at hand. Researchers have found convincing
evidence that B.O.Y. may in fact not be a new condition after all but an
old condition, which has been ignored or forgotten.

This has caused researchers to go back through the records to discover
what treatments were used in the past and whether they can be applied to
today’s epidemic. The good news is that first results look extremely
promising. Even more exciting is the fact that effective treatments are
being developed from historic Jewish sources!

We took the new findings to Mrs. Epstein of New Rochelle and asked her
if she and her husband would be willing to try them with Michael junior.
We asked her to fill out a daily report of how the program went. After a
month we visited to see if there had been any improvement.

Mrs. Epstein recorded her first day on the program.

“Michael and I took Micky to the Mall and when we passed by a pet store
he started to shout that he wanted a pet snake. We said he couldn’t have
one (he lost the last two and the neighbors complained when one turned
up in their bath) and he started to tantrum and scream.

We tried our usual approach of appealing to his better nature and
pleading with him to stop. Of course when a child is suffering from
something as dreadful as B.O.Y. you simply cannot expect his underlying
positive personality to assert itself.

Our immediate reaction was to rush him to a Psychologist and demand a
course of Ritalin. But we knew modern therapies were useless against
B.O.Y and we had committed to this new program. Michael dialed the
course designer, Dr. Solomon King.

It was hard for Michael to make himself heard above Michael Junior’s
yells and threats but eventually, he managed to explain the situation.

Dr. King told us to do something that was so shocking to us, that at
first we could not believe what he said. He said we should tell Micky if
he didn’t stop screaming (he had now kicked Michael six times and
called him a Pig) we would spank him!

We told Dr. King that we could not do that, but he assured us that this
technique, applied sparingly and only to the soft round area at the top
of the legs, would do the trick.

Michael and I looked at one another in desperation and in the end it was
me who offered Micky the ultimatum. He told me I was a Pig too and
that’s when I turned him round and delivered three spanks to the
prescribed location.

Michael junior looked to be in a state of shock and his father and I
held our breaths as silence engulfed our little family. Could this
ancient treatment, we had been told had worked in years gone by, work

Little Michael stopped screaming and we were soon able to walk past the pet store.

Dr. King had explained that children affected by B.O.Y. sometimes
suffered side effects from the therapy like confusion and surprise but
that this soon passed as the sufferer became used the treatment.

That’s exactly what happened. Micky looked stunned as though he could
not believe what had happened. Then the silence changed to quiet sobs
but amazingly, in just a few moments these too disappeared. We were

Other treatments prove just as effective. Dr. King suggested that we
should try stage two and three almost immediately. Michael and I weren’t
at all sure about these two, the names, Consequences and Discipline
sounded so alien and strange, but we have to admit that Dr. Solomon King
was right.”

Mrs. Epstein’s experience has been repeated in families across the US
and there is now hope that children suffering from B.O.Y. have a real
chance of a lasting cure. Schools are looking into the new therapy and
although there is strong opposition from many leading educational
experts, pilot schemes have shown encouraging results here too.
Opponents may have to concede in the face of the evidence.
Mrs. Epstein summed up her experience in first controlling then
defeating the worse effects of her sons condition. “Frankly the change
has been remarkable. Sometimes Michael and I feel ourselves slipping
back to the old certainties of medication and other expensive
treatments. But we support each other and are busy telling our friends
about the Cure for B.O.Y. Frankly we cannot thank Solomon King enough
for doing the research and discovering the therapies that brought a
suffering family a real cure.”

I asked Mrs. Epstein after her positive experience of, “B.O.Y Therapy”
if she would be happy to have her families experience shared in the
Jewish Press and she replied she would encourage anyone to try it. “The
irony is” she continued, “My husband and I are not even sure what the
letters stand for.”

I was able to enlighten her, B.O.Y stands for Boisterous, Ordinary,
Young. It is closely related to another condition called G.I.R.L.
Gregarious, Insistent, Robust and Loud.

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The 2012 Presidential Election

2012 Presidential election is going to be interesting. While the world
watches, many interesting and fascinating events will occur. I know it
is said every election, at least in the last 15 years, but this is the
most critical election in modern time. The fate of not only the United
States, but the entire free world as well ,hangs in the balance.

we continue on the path to destruction by embracing socialism and even
worse Marxism, or do we find our way back to what our founding fathers
intended for this country and the world, freedom and a place where
mankind could reach it’s highest potential without the interference of

has already been evidenced, many individuals will play a part in this
election, and each will play a major role in the final outcome. The
moment I saw Sarah Palin in 2008 I knew she would be a major player and
possibly president someday. Everyone seems to forget , John McCain and
Sarah were leading the 2008 presidential polls, until the financial
crisis which conveniently occurred 5 weeks before the election.(October

was without a doubt the first to speak out, her boldness set the way
for others to follow, as a result she took much heat for this. Such is
the plight for trend setters. Many see her as radical, this just goes to
show how far our country has drifted from the path originally set by
our founding fathers. In today’s world John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan
would be labeled extreme and would have little chance of getting elected
to anything.

Governor Palin came Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and others,
each contributing much to the campaign. Although most have fallen out
of the hunt as of today, they still continue to contribute and slowly
educate the American citizen as to the virtues of their beliefs.

down, most people know that what they are saying is true, however,
people have been so mis-educated by not only the media, but our
educational system and misinformed parents as well, they have lost sight
of the basic values we as human souls are all instilled with .

Fort Myers Florida Sunrise

have been so indoctrinated by a society that teaches many to be
dependent on government and their entitlements and the misconception it
creates. Many believe that life is easier if someone does everything and
pays for everything for them. This may be true for a while, but sooner
or later, there is a price to pay, the one with the money is the one in
control of your life. Do you want the government in control of your

election will determine the fate of not only the United States and it’s
citizens but the fate of the world for many years to come. Do we want
to continue down the path of socialism and destruction, or do we want to
gradually return to the values and work ethic our country was founded

we want to take the easy way out, or do we want to return to the time
tested values that have sustained generations of people throughout the
ages? Do we want to put forth a little extra effort to guarantee of life
similar to ours for generations of our descendants, or do we want to
sentence them to a life of subjugation and poverty, a life with little
freedom and opportunity?

Someday you may return to this planet, what do you want to find if and when you do?

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Postive Thoughts Can Change Your Life

Most of us spend our lives wishing for something we don’t have. While we realize we can have anything we want , but not everything, very few people go beyond the realizing stage to the having stage. Many want to change their life, but few actually take the steps necessary to accomplish their goals.

Most settle into everyday life and take life as it comes and become comfortable and never accomplish what they are capable of achieving. In a sense it is probably close to impossible to reach our highest potential, there is always something else we could do.

However, having said that,we can change our outer world to something more to our liking. But, we have to keep in mind, to change your outer world, you must change your inner world. If you attempt to change your world externally without doing the necessary inner changes, you will just keep repeating the same happiness destroying patterns over and over again, until you finally decide to change your thinking habits. The moment your thoughts change, so will your life.

Whatever you focus on, you will attract. If you continuously fear something will happen, guess what? It will happen. Your thoughts create actions . Your subconscious mind is unbiased in turning your thoughts into actions. It has no concept of what you want or what you don’t want, it only listens to your thoughts.

When you aren’t aware of how powerful your thoughts are, you will spend much time thinking about what you don’t want. Thus you will keep receiving more of the same. You will keep being the victim, you will continuously find people and situations that turn those thoughts into reality.

This in turn will further convince you that life is unfair and increase your feelings of being a victim. Look at the news  headlines of today, certain groups are always identified as victims and as a result they keep playing the same game even though many members of these very same groups succeed in the same environment. This proves my point, you are only a victim if you want to be, your environment has nothing to do with it. If your environment is stopping you from succeeding, change your environment.

You weren’t born to live a small uneventful life. This doesn’t mean we all need to be world leaders in our chosen field. It just means we need to shift our attitude to realizing we can live the life we desire and were destined to lead when we entered the earth plane of existence.

When this is realized, the universe has no choice but to give you what you want instead of what you don’t want. All you need to do is focus on and realize what you do want. You have many choices, your job is find find the one life you desire, (this is probably the most difficult, because of all the options), and go for it. If it is in your best interest and it is what you really desire, it will happen.

You have now put yourself on your path, follow it and never fear where it may lead.

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It’s Never too Late to Change

Want to Change Your Life

When do you change your life?

When in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in your
tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out “ENOUGH!

fighting and crying or struggling to hold on.” And, like a child quieting
down after a blind tantrum,your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once
or twice, you blink back your tears and through a mantle of wet lashes
you begin to look at the world from a new perspective. You begin to realize no one is going to take care of you and your interests like you will. Self pity will get you no where.

You realize that it is time to stop hoping and waiting for something
or someone to change,or for safety and security to
come galloping over the next horizon. Forget about retiring or taking the easy way out, there is no easy way out. You come to terms with the fact that
there aren’t always fairytale endings (or beginnings for that matter) and
that any guarantee of “happily ever after” must begin with you.Then a sense of serenity is born of acceptance. Get busy, there is plenty of time for resting after we pass from this reality.

you begin making your way through the”reality of today” rather than
holding out for the “promise of tomorrow.”You realize that much of who
you are and the way you navigate through life is, in a great part, a result
of all the social conditioning you’ve received over the course of a
lifetime,and you begin to sift through all the nonsense you were taught. Often times our dreams seem impossible, but after beginning the journey they only seem improbably and then suddenly they are inevitable.

Only then can you change your future and or your destiny. You finally decide it is up to you, no one, the government, your family and friends, no one can make your life change , but you. You are the only one who really knows what you want in life, you are the only one who knows what your dreams really are. 

You can’t expect others to be in control of your happiness and success. You can’t expect obstacles to fall by the wayside, that is a part of success, overcoming obstacles. Of course as you progress along your path the obstacles will eventually fall away and the path will become clear.

That is the main crux of reaching enlightenment is learning that the obstacles to our success are only created by our self, no one else. By knowing what you want in life ,  and realizing it may not be the easiest path or the one we think we most desire, when your true path is found , the gate will open and you will enter inside your future. Be prepared, it may be challenging, but rewarding and well worth the effort spent in reaching your final destination.

If you are undecided about which path to take , look back over your life so far ,and see the general trend and theme you have been pursuing, not only in a career sense, but a spiritual sense as well. What are your passions? Many times this can be a clue as to what to do next. Look for deeper meaning other than earning a living.

The trials and tribulations in our life are sent to us for a reason, to make us strong and learn valuable lessons about life. Learn them wisely, feeling sorry for yourself does no one any good. One needs to be thankful for the learning experience and realize how much stronger they are for having survived that event.

Only then can we achieve our goals and reach happiness in life.

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