The 2012 Presidential Election

2012 Presidential election is going to be interesting. While the world
watches, many interesting and fascinating events will occur. I know it
is said every election, at least in the last 15 years, but this is the
most critical election in modern time. The fate of not only the United
States, but the entire free world as well ,hangs in the balance.

we continue on the path to destruction by embracing socialism and even
worse Marxism, or do we find our way back to what our founding fathers
intended for this country and the world, freedom and a place where
mankind could reach it’s highest potential without the interference of

has already been evidenced, many individuals will play a part in this
election, and each will play a major role in the final outcome. The
moment I saw Sarah Palin in 2008 I knew she would be a major player and
possibly president someday. Everyone seems to forget , John McCain and
Sarah were leading the 2008 presidential polls, until the financial
crisis which conveniently occurred 5 weeks before the election.(October

was without a doubt the first to speak out, her boldness set the way
for others to follow, as a result she took much heat for this. Such is
the plight for trend setters. Many see her as radical, this just goes to
show how far our country has drifted from the path originally set by
our founding fathers. In today’s world John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan
would be labeled extreme and would have little chance of getting elected
to anything.

Governor Palin came Michelle Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Perry and others,
each contributing much to the campaign. Although most have fallen out
of the hunt as of today, they still continue to contribute and slowly
educate the American citizen as to the virtues of their beliefs.

down, most people know that what they are saying is true, however,
people have been so mis-educated by not only the media, but our
educational system and misinformed parents as well, they have lost sight
of the basic values we as human souls are all instilled with .

Fort Myers Florida Sunrise

have been so indoctrinated by a society that teaches many to be
dependent on government and their entitlements and the misconception it
creates. Many believe that life is easier if someone does everything and
pays for everything for them. This may be true for a while, but sooner
or later, there is a price to pay, the one with the money is the one in
control of your life. Do you want the government in control of your

election will determine the fate of not only the United States and it’s
citizens but the fate of the world for many years to come. Do we want
to continue down the path of socialism and destruction, or do we want to
gradually return to the values and work ethic our country was founded

we want to take the easy way out, or do we want to return to the time
tested values that have sustained generations of people throughout the
ages? Do we want to put forth a little extra effort to guarantee of life
similar to ours for generations of our descendants, or do we want to
sentence them to a life of subjugation and poverty, a life with little
freedom and opportunity?

Someday you may return to this planet, what do you want to find if and when you do?

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  1. Im not even going to bother reading this. Right away it’s a question about who’s gonna win. The elections rigged and if u don’t “believe” that is just educate yourself and think outside the box. It’s common sense! Not many blacks had socail sercurity numbers. With Obama mission accomplished now they have them. Because society nows all blacks will vote for him because of his color


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