Is Your Child at Risk?

Is Your Child a Sufferer . . . Are You? 

This is not my article, but I agree wholeheartedly.

Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein
The world of medicine is scared and honestly so am I.

A whole raft of treatments that used to work, for example, anti-biotics,
are proving themselves less and less able to deal with bugs that have
become resistant and new conditions that appear from time to time.

And it’s not just in the world of physical ailments that treatments have
started to fail. In the world of psychology too, treatments and
therapies that were once believed to offer solutions have not lived up
to expectations.

Now parents face a new and potentially graver problem as they attempt to
bring up their kids. Like so many such conditions like ADD and ADHD, it
is known by its acronym, B.O.Y.

Many clinicians, although highly qualified in the fields of Psychology
and Counseling were utterly unaware of this condition till recently.
Often they misdiagnosed it as the traditional ADD or ADHD. Of course
this led to inappropriate treatments and considerable expense for
medications that simply did not tackle the problem. Now they are looking
and sounding pessimistic that they will be able to deal with what seems
to be a Pandemic.

Jewish parents are no less affected by this condition than anyone else.
Mrs Gloria Epstein of New Rochelle, NY was quoted in a recent study,
“Michael junior had just turned four. My husband Michael senior and I
hadn’t noticed anything unusual. Little Micky was such a loveable baby,
you know what I mean? Then he started doing crazy stuff, running about,
yelling, breaking things, fighting with his sister and giving us
Chutzpa. He took to writing on his walls with felt pen and every toy we
gave him lasted only days before it ended up in the garbage. We took him
to our therapist hoping it would be something normal like ADD and Micky
could take medication and we could get back to being normal family. The
doctor told us that little Micky might be suffering from a recently
diagnosed condition called, B.O.Y.

We were devastated. When we decided to become parents we never dreamt in
a million years that we would have to contend with something as
horrific as this!”
Dr. David Stein, a Psychologist based in Manhattan with thirty years
experience, was equally downbeat. “Myself and my colleagues have
dedicated our lives to solving childhood disorders but frankly, this has
got us beat. I fear for the future of the profession and our ability to
sustain our credibility unless we can get on top of this and soon. This
thing just crept upon us. We simply didn’t see it coming.”

Indeed many professionals have seen their incomes plummet as more and
more parents have realized that traditional Therapists have no more idea
about how to treat B.O.Y syndrome than they have.

Help though may well be at hand. Researchers have found convincing
evidence that B.O.Y. may in fact not be a new condition after all but an
old condition, which has been ignored or forgotten.

This has caused researchers to go back through the records to discover
what treatments were used in the past and whether they can be applied to
today’s epidemic. The good news is that first results look extremely
promising. Even more exciting is the fact that effective treatments are
being developed from historic Jewish sources!

We took the new findings to Mrs. Epstein of New Rochelle and asked her
if she and her husband would be willing to try them with Michael junior.
We asked her to fill out a daily report of how the program went. After a
month we visited to see if there had been any improvement.

Mrs. Epstein recorded her first day on the program.

“Michael and I took Micky to the Mall and when we passed by a pet store
he started to shout that he wanted a pet snake. We said he couldn’t have
one (he lost the last two and the neighbors complained when one turned
up in their bath) and he started to tantrum and scream.

We tried our usual approach of appealing to his better nature and
pleading with him to stop. Of course when a child is suffering from
something as dreadful as B.O.Y. you simply cannot expect his underlying
positive personality to assert itself.

Our immediate reaction was to rush him to a Psychologist and demand a
course of Ritalin. But we knew modern therapies were useless against
B.O.Y and we had committed to this new program. Michael dialed the
course designer, Dr. Solomon King.

It was hard for Michael to make himself heard above Michael Junior’s
yells and threats but eventually, he managed to explain the situation.

Dr. King told us to do something that was so shocking to us, that at
first we could not believe what he said. He said we should tell Micky if
he didn’t stop screaming (he had now kicked Michael six times and
called him a Pig) we would spank him!

We told Dr. King that we could not do that, but he assured us that this
technique, applied sparingly and only to the soft round area at the top
of the legs, would do the trick.

Michael and I looked at one another in desperation and in the end it was
me who offered Micky the ultimatum. He told me I was a Pig too and
that’s when I turned him round and delivered three spanks to the
prescribed location.

Michael junior looked to be in a state of shock and his father and I
held our breaths as silence engulfed our little family. Could this
ancient treatment, we had been told had worked in years gone by, work

Little Michael stopped screaming and we were soon able to walk past the pet store.

Dr. King had explained that children affected by B.O.Y. sometimes
suffered side effects from the therapy like confusion and surprise but
that this soon passed as the sufferer became used the treatment.

That’s exactly what happened. Micky looked stunned as though he could
not believe what had happened. Then the silence changed to quiet sobs
but amazingly, in just a few moments these too disappeared. We were

Other treatments prove just as effective. Dr. King suggested that we
should try stage two and three almost immediately. Michael and I weren’t
at all sure about these two, the names, Consequences and Discipline
sounded so alien and strange, but we have to admit that Dr. Solomon King
was right.”

Mrs. Epstein’s experience has been repeated in families across the US
and there is now hope that children suffering from B.O.Y. have a real
chance of a lasting cure. Schools are looking into the new therapy and
although there is strong opposition from many leading educational
experts, pilot schemes have shown encouraging results here too.
Opponents may have to concede in the face of the evidence.
Mrs. Epstein summed up her experience in first controlling then
defeating the worse effects of her sons condition. “Frankly the change
has been remarkable. Sometimes Michael and I feel ourselves slipping
back to the old certainties of medication and other expensive
treatments. But we support each other and are busy telling our friends
about the Cure for B.O.Y. Frankly we cannot thank Solomon King enough
for doing the research and discovering the therapies that brought a
suffering family a real cure.”

I asked Mrs. Epstein after her positive experience of, “B.O.Y Therapy”
if she would be happy to have her families experience shared in the
Jewish Press and she replied she would encourage anyone to try it. “The
irony is” she continued, “My husband and I are not even sure what the
letters stand for.”

I was able to enlighten her, B.O.Y stands for Boisterous, Ordinary,
Young. It is closely related to another condition called G.I.R.L.
Gregarious, Insistent, Robust and Loud.

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