We Won in Vietnam

Over the years there has been much discussion concerning the war in
Vietnam and whether it was worth it. Many feel it was a disgraceful time
in our nations history.

many ways it was a disgraceful time, many in the United States did not
support our troops and many celebrities like Jane Fonda came out openly
against the effort. Many like her still to this day don’t realize the
negative effect their actions had on our troops and country, many
prisoners suffered needlessly because of her actions.

is a prime example of how wars turn out when then politicians try to
run the campaigns from their desk in the White House. The war would have
had a much better outcome if the politicians had stuck to doing what
they do best, succumbing to special interests groups and ignoring their
constituents. I hope in the future we left the military run the war,
that is what they do best, they are professionals.

said all of that, I still content the war was worth it and we did in
fact  win, not on the battle field , but in the hearts and minds of the
Vietnamese. As a result of our presence in that faraway country, many of
the local population became aware of a better way of life. Many
Vietnamese followed our soldiers when they returned home.  As a result
they created a better life for themselves and their families.

those that stayed, in spite of the country becoming a communist regime ,
life is better for them than it was before. Most now want to become
Americanized, as a result  golf courses and other western amenities are
now seen. Most want to be like America, not China or Japan.Over time
this will have a profound affect on the region.

refugees who came to the United States  have assimilated and become
productive and contributing citizens, many stating businesses , their
work ethic has created  a better life for themselves and families.

personally know of one mother , who after September 11th, grabbed her
two young sons, escorted them  to a recruiter and insisted they join the
military so they could defend  and give back to the country that has
given them so much.

attitudes of this mother and others have contributed much to our
country, they should be commended for what they have done and continue
to do. They have made not only the United States a better place, but
their homeland as well.

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