I’m Offended

I’m Offended

someone tells you they are offended by what you say, what does that
mean? Does it mean you said something you shouldn’t have? Or does it
mean they are just too sensitive?

of us normally try not to offend anyone by our speech or actions. We
try to consider others feelings in our normal day to day life and want
to get along with everyone we meet and work with. However in today’s
world, that is becoming more and more difficult. With all the political
correctness floating around , it seems people get offended at the
smallest of things.

has become a way of attracting attention, even though it is negative
attention, many people still thrive on that sort of notoriety and will
create things to be offended about. Most often it has something to do
with a racial or sexual nature and many times if the situation were
reversed, it would have no effect on the other person whatsoever.

times when someone utters those words it just means they are not in
control of their emotions and they want you to do it for them. It has
become another way for people in today’s world to shift blame to someone
else and thereby take no responsibility for their own actions.

someone says something to us, it is our decision to be offended or not,
the other individual has no control over that, it is our responsibility
alone. Have you ever noticed that some individuals are not offended
regardless of what is said to them, doesn’t that offend you? 

Change Some One’s Life

have mastered the situation and realize that what someone says or does
doesn’t reflect on them, only on the individual who said or did it. It
is all a matter of perception. Their actions only mirror their
experiences  and thoughts in life and have no bearing on anyone but

think most of us can remember the days not too long in the past where
we could joke with others about their minor differences and
imperfections, it was done in jest and in most cases all enjoyed it and
got a good laugh from it, soon it would be turnabout fair play and the
ribbing would be reversed, remember how much fun that was?

Let’s go back to those days and not take ourselves so seriously. Life is too short.

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