Plan for Life

Do you want to create a better future than your past? How do you do that?

many people do you know that are still reliving  their high school
days? They are constantly remembering how things were during their
senior year in high school, and how wonderful it was. Bet you anything,
if they are really truthful about it, when they were going through it ,
it wasn’t so wonderful.

Events have a habit of becoming more pleasant after a few years have
gone by and more recent so called unpleasant experiences in our life
have obscured the unpleasantness of the past. Granted, there is
absolutely nothing wrong with re-living the past, especially something
 as memorable as most of our senior years in school were.

when a person constantly dwells on an event from his or her past and
that event becomes their dominant thought, it means your life is not
moving at all , you are stuck in the past and there will be no
advancement towards what one would deem a better life.

that is where you want to be, there certainly is nothing wrong with
that, if that is truly where you want to be. Many people go through
their whole lives reliving the past, and if you past is pleasant enough
for you to be content, so be it, more power to you, you may be one of
the fortunate ones.

if you desire to move forward you need to remember your life moves
towards what you focus on. Gravity wasn’t discovered by someone thinking
about sinking, wealth isn’t created by continuously thinking about how
poor one is. We don’t achieve in life by constantly thinking about what
we don’t want, if you think about what you don’t want, that is what you
will receive.

What we Think

you want to lose weight , you won’t lose one pound by constantly
thinking about how hungry you are, and you won’t get healthy by thinking
about how sick you are.

know that when an unpleasant event happens in our lives, a certain
amount of time must be set aside for mourning and reliving the event
until the pain subsides and we can move along, however you need to put
it behind you as soon as possible and move ahead. This doesn’t mean you
will never think about it again, you will. It isn’t about denial, it is
about renewal.

today, take notice when you find yourself thinking and talking about
so-called negative events from your past, and unless you want to
reinforce those feelings and continue to experience the same in the
future, begin to think about how you want your future to unfold,now is
the time to let go of the past and create a new, happier, and more
pleasant future.

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