Global Warming

people today believe that global warming is man made and some day it
could destroy the earth and all living things. Many people with this
belief are members of the “crisis of the week” club, they fall victim
again and again to every new crisis that comes down the pike, often
times on a weekly basis.

who has studied the pattern of weather changes the world has
encountered over the millions of years of it’s existence realizes there
are always climate changes occurring and humans have had nothing  to do
with it.

change is a natural event that is continuously taking place. There are
always changing weather patterns that can be brought on by many factors
completely out of control of human activity.

meteors have crashed into the earth and affected weather patterns for
many years to come, volcanoes have erupted and spilled more pollutants
into the air than humans could contribute in thousands of years. The
wobble of the earth which takes thousands of years to reach a full cycle
also affects the weather of the whole planet, but it takes place so
slowly that civilizations come and go in the meantime and no one

many places on our planet , the frozen remains of long forgotten
animals have been discovered  that still have green vegetation in their
stomachs, how did those get there? Likewise, in some locations beach
sand and seashells are found at 4,500 feet above sea level, such as inSedona Arizona.

can see different levels of ocean water on the rock cliffs in such
places as the American Southwest, and in contrast there are many places
throughout the world where lost cities are hidden beneath the ocean
waters, having sunk after flourishing for centuries.

is much evidence that at one time Europe was much warmer than it is
today,and in an obvious desert environment there is  a large river
valley located in the Egyptian desert next to the Giant pyramid of Giza,
a river so large it had to have a very large river flowing through it
at one time.

of these instances, and many more point to the fact that the earth has
gone through many climatic changes over the years, back to a time before
humans roamed the planet and no power plants, SUV’s, or other modern
facilities were not yet conceived.

change will always be occurring and despite the thinking of some
enlarged egos, humans have very little or nothing to do with it.  To
think otherwise is preposterous. We are only tiny creatures in the big
picture of life and nature.

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