The Transformation

all, at certain times in our life undergo a life changing event that
can bring much hardship and distress to us. With it often comes physical
and mental changes in the way we think and deal with daily life.

as when someone enters the military, they are pretty much unchanged for
the first few days, regardless of how much they are yelled at or
disciplined , they remain the same individual until they get the haircut
and a uniform.

after receiving a shearing and the personality that identified them
through their hair suddenly vanishes, they are transformed. No longer
are they the person they were five minutes ago, now they are a unit,
many transformed into one.

it is in our daily lives, a total transformation always includes a
physical transformation as well, you cannot have one without the other.
When we change on the inside, we also change on the outside, whatever is
going on inside of us always comes to fruition on the physical level.
That is why our physical appearance is so important.

that we all need to be ,or can be a raving gorgeous specimen of human
existence, but our appearance and demeanor do send a message to the
outside world of what is going on inside us and our attitude to and of
the world.

is seen all the time , after an individual undergoes an extremely
difficult situation in their life, they are transformed. Many times they
look older and beaten for the experience, but many times they take on a
new demeanor whereby they look and act much younger than they did
earlier in life. They display as certain confidence and ease about
themselves that reflect in their appearance. They become more attractive
because of their attitude,more than physical characteristics.

experience has had a positive effect on them and will enable them to
avoid and deal with future issues in a more positive and understanding
way. It is often  through these so-called negative experiences we learn
and grow the most.

is no such thing as a negative or positive experience, it is only our
perception of it that is positive or negative. It is our responsibility
and life mission to turn it into something that will enable us to life a
better more fulfilling life.

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Learn from the Past, Live in the Now

often get caught up in daily living and forget our mission here on
earth. We all have incidents in our past that can control our future and
how we deal with present day events.

as a child we get burned by touching a hot stove, we learn to never
touch a hot stove again, this becomes a self preservation action. In
most instances, this is a good thing, however when carried to the
extreme, it can have life limiting consequences.

people after having been burned would never go near a stove again. The
lesson to be learned is to be careful, not avoid the situation entirely.
To do so would be counterproductive and not in our best interest. Life
doesn’t come with a manual, we learn as we go, taking our personal
experiences along with that of others and fashioning a better life for
not only ourselves, but others as well.

Secret to Life

live a better life, we need to each learn from the past, to appreciate
the past, but to live now. It isn’t so much a lifestyle, as a living
style. We all have a past with certain events that took place we would
sooner forget about.

key is not to forget about them , but learn from them. Not necessarily
to dwell on them , but to understand why a certain situation came about
in our life and what we can learn from it. We attract life situations to
us to assist us in our daily evolution from what we were to what we can

we encounter, we have attracted to us, we can blame no one. It is our
opportunity to grow spiritually. Many say that life is unfair, however,
as unlikely as that may seem, judging as to the many obstacles some
people face, it is true.

fact is , the individuals who face the most challenges in life are the
most blessed, they are being given many more opportunities to improve
their life and move past the karma they bring from previous existences.

may not seem like it at the time, but these people , if the lessons are
learned correctly will have the opportunity to become more enlightened
than they would have ever thought possible. In the process, they would
never change the challenges they faced in life with anyone.

challenges we face in life, we have created them ourselves, and dealing
with them in a positive way can only be a benefit to ourselves and the
people around us.

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Thomas Jefferson:Constitution

As you can see Thomas Jefferson was against wholesale changes in the constitution. However he and others knew that from time to time changes must be made to keep up with the times.

Hence the Amendments came into play, whereby the constitution could be adjusted to changes in society without disrupting and changing the whole document, which would be disastrous. Then if found unworkable, the amendments could be repealed much easier than changing the whole constitution.

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Thomas Jefferson: God, Liberty

Many question how America could become a free country will all men being created equal when slavery was still allowed in the southern states.

The founding fathers knew this was wrong , but at the time could do nothing about it. They knew that at some future point it would be a huge problem for the country. The southern states would never approve a constitution that banned slavery and many could not afford to set their slaves free as there was a huge tax to be paid, not even George Washington could afford to pay the tax.

As a result, they treated their slaves as humanly as possible and could only hope the problem would be resolved peacefully in the future.

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