Learn from the Past, Live in the Now

often get caught up in daily living and forget our mission here on
earth. We all have incidents in our past that can control our future and
how we deal with present day events.

as a child we get burned by touching a hot stove, we learn to never
touch a hot stove again, this becomes a self preservation action. In
most instances, this is a good thing, however when carried to the
extreme, it can have life limiting consequences.

people after having been burned would never go near a stove again. The
lesson to be learned is to be careful, not avoid the situation entirely.
To do so would be counterproductive and not in our best interest. Life
doesn’t come with a manual, we learn as we go, taking our personal
experiences along with that of others and fashioning a better life for
not only ourselves, but others as well.

Secret to Life

live a better life, we need to each learn from the past, to appreciate
the past, but to live now. It isn’t so much a lifestyle, as a living
style. We all have a past with certain events that took place we would
sooner forget about.

key is not to forget about them , but learn from them. Not necessarily
to dwell on them , but to understand why a certain situation came about
in our life and what we can learn from it. We attract life situations to
us to assist us in our daily evolution from what we were to what we can

we encounter, we have attracted to us, we can blame no one. It is our
opportunity to grow spiritually. Many say that life is unfair, however,
as unlikely as that may seem, judging as to the many obstacles some
people face, it is true.

fact is , the individuals who face the most challenges in life are the
most blessed, they are being given many more opportunities to improve
their life and move past the karma they bring from previous existences.

may not seem like it at the time, but these people , if the lessons are
learned correctly will have the opportunity to become more enlightened
than they would have ever thought possible. In the process, they would
never change the challenges they faced in life with anyone.

challenges we face in life, we have created them ourselves, and dealing
with them in a positive way can only be a benefit to ourselves and the
people around us.

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