Freedom of Speech, The American Way

recent Chick-Fl-A protests further demonstrates the difference between
how people show support or disapproval for the views of others,
especially when these people own a business.

controversy resulted when the owner of Chick-Fl-A expressed his belief
on family values.  A seemingly innocent position, however many in the
gay community  objected to it. The matter would have probably died there
if the liberal mayors of three large cities hadn’t jumped on the
bandwagon and said they wouldn’t allow the company to build restaurants
in their cities because of their position on gay rights. Thus the
firestorm started.

and rightfully so, many began to become angry that the government was
trying to ban business because their beliefs didn’t coincide to the
beliefs the mayors held. Not only did the mayors not agree, they also
stated the beliefs of Chick-Fil-A didn’t coincide with the beliefs of
the people of their fair city.  How do they know? Some people probably
agree with him, but not all, and I’m not sure that even a majority agree
with the open minded mayors.

time a gay marriage referendum gets on the ballot , the voters turn it
down, even in liberal states like California. In Washington State, polls
show  if  the referundum gets on the ballot in that state it will be
defeated also.

This position of the mayors so inflamed people, Click here for the rest of the story.

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