What has Goverrnment Done for You?

through the ages, and especially today, many people think it is the
government’s job to take care of them from cradle to grave and supply
their every want and need. How good is the government at that?

Taking our own government for example , how have they performed at looking after our best interests?

start at the beginning, even before we had an official government. A
good place would be to start at Valley Forge, even though we could find
evidence of their self serving interests even before that. Congress was
supposed to have Valley Forge prepared for General Washington and his
troops when they arrived that cold December morning.

and shelter was supposed to have been built,  food was to be provided,
instead when General Washington and his forces arrived , all they found
was an open field. No shelter and no food. As a result many died from
disease, and starvation, many froze to death.

of fixing the problem, congress only fought among themselves and
created greater hardships for the war effort. General Washington was
left to scrounge for himself and then congress criticized him for some
of the measures he took, and for the horrible condition his troops
suffered due to congress’s neglect.

Some things never change.

For the rest of the story!


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