A Time When the Doors were Unlocked

I grew up in the 50’s on a small dairy farm in southeastern Indiana.

times were hard , my dad and mom had purchased an extremely
impoverished farm when I was three years old. We ,along with my brother ,
who came along later, spent the next several years restoring it to a
more productive state. The farm was so over grown with weeds that after
living there for a while, dad had time to mow the weeds around the barn
and lo and behold! He found a hog house no one knew was there.

soil was totally depleted, the first year’s twelve acre corn crop
yielded a whooping two hundred bushels of corn. Hard to live on that.
Fortunately, about that same time, turkey raising came into fashion,the
following year dad purchased and raised 1000 turkeys. The resulting
turkey by-product increased the corn yield from 200 bushels to 1200
bushels on that very same field

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The 2012 Presidential Election

A short but informative story about the upcoming presidential election.

The 2012 Election

said every election that the upcoming election is the most critical in
our history. All elections are important, however, because of decisions
made in previous elections spanning the last several decades, the 2012
elections will probably always be one of the most important ever.

the past several decades, our freedoms have been slowly taken away. It
has been a gradual change and most people haven’t even noticed or even
cared. Our presidential elections have become a popularity contest.
 Ever since the 1960 election when television became prominent, electing
a president has become all Madison Avenue. It is all about hype and in
most cases has nothing to do with policies.

addition, our society has become so entitlement dependent that often
the candidate who promises the most “freebies” is the one who will win.
No doubt it is hard to campaign against someone like this as most voters
don’t think past their own agenda.

candidate who is fiscally conservative and wants to trim the budget and
have the country live within it’s means doesn’t appear to have much of a
chance to win. Contrary to what a lot of candidates promise, there is
nothing free and sooner or later someone has to pay up.

time is now, we as a country have maxed out our credit cards. Whether
or not you agree with the decision on Obamacare or that of Chief Justice
Roberts , or even understand it. He makes an important point.

states that it is not the court’s responsibility to protect the
citizens from making poor decisions at the ballot box. In other words it
is our responsibility to elect people to hold public office who are
responsible and are capable of making good sound fiscal decisions that
are in the best interest of everyone.

people like Charlie Rangel and others with known criminal records keep
getting elected to congress, what can we expect? As a group, congress
has a much higher criminal record than the general population, most have
some sort of record, be it DUI or worse.

we elect a president who’s friends are all communists, Marxists, and
left over 60’s radicals , some of whom Canada won’t even let into their
country, what can we expect. When a president’s spiritual adviser
regularly makes racist and anti-American sermons from the pulpit, what
can we expect?

have only ourselves to blame when as a group, we keep giving these
people a job. Being the president or a member of congress is not a
popularity contest, they are elected to perform a duty to us. When they
fail us they should be fired , just like in the private sector. Holding
public office should not be a lifetime profession.

or not you agree with Judge Roberts and irregardless of if he knew what
he was doing or if he was just caving to political pressure from the
white house this election is your chance, and it may be your last chance
to start getting involved in our democracy. If the only thing you ever
do is vote, this is your opportunity and obligation as an American to
make a difference, pay attention, do your own research and don’t believe
anything that is said between now and election day.Make your own
decision based on facts and what is good for the country as a whole, not
just some special interest group.

If we lose our freedoms, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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