A Time When the Doors were Unlocked

I grew up in the 50’s on a small dairy farm in southeastern Indiana.

times were hard , my dad and mom had purchased an extremely
impoverished farm when I was three years old. We ,along with my brother ,
who came along later, spent the next several years restoring it to a
more productive state. The farm was so over grown with weeds that after
living there for a while, dad had time to mow the weeds around the barn
and lo and behold! He found a hog house no one knew was there.

soil was totally depleted, the first year’s twelve acre corn crop
yielded a whooping two hundred bushels of corn. Hard to live on that.
Fortunately, about that same time, turkey raising came into fashion,the
following year dad purchased and raised 1000 turkeys. The resulting
turkey by-product increased the corn yield from 200 bushels to 1200
bushels on that very same field

The rest of the story.


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