The Secrets of a Mason

Non-Masons! Here is what you need to know!!!

Dear Non-Masons,

You might be here to
– learn more about Masonry,
– learn secrets for personal reasons
– learn secrets to expose to the outside world
– find someone to vouch for you.
– collect the list of Masons to expose them to public.

Whatever your reasons are, there is not much you can get here.

You will not find a magic secret that will make you rich or important person. It won’t even make you a good or better person either instantly.

The so-called secrets, words, passwords, rituals are sadly publicly available.

Do you know why this is not good?
– Not because it is a secret. Freemasonry is a great organization that consists of good people.
If you learn more of the craft more and if you are a good person, you would like to become part of it.
Knowing those so-called secrets and rituals will ruin your once in a life-time experience.

Would you like someone to tell you all the details of an upcoming movie?
Your masonic experience would be better than the best movie you will ever watch! Do not ruin it!

So, What is the secret?
The secret is in your heart! To be a good person,a better man for yourself, your family, your neighbor, your country, and also for the world. To help without expecting anything in return. To learn and  e
yourself and others. Love is the secret! That’s it!!!

What is the Lodge?
The Lodge is a place to meet good people like yourself. You  have to worry if the person you meet on the street is  evil or not. When you go to the Lodge, you know everyone shares some sort of standards you can relate to.

Can you find an evil person in a Lodge?
Of course. They come and go. They do not stay for long though. They see that there is nothing for them to gain, nothing
interesting for them. For example; we work on how we can help children
in hospitals, etc. This is waste of their time since
they want only to make themselves  rich.

If you are interested to know more about Freemasonry and want to talk to someone about it: search the Grand Lodge of your contry or state in the search engine.
Call them! They will tell you what you need to know and will try to answer your questions.

If you are still not satisfied, then may be this is not a good match for you.
You can still be a very good person without being a Mason!


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