Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

create actions and actions create the life we live. We are the grand
total sum of everything that we have ever experienced and how we reacted
to the event.

some so called negative event occurs in our life we have a choice, we
can let it define us, destroy us or it can strengthen us, the choice is
ours. It does no good to be upset about it, it is over and done with and
can’t be changed, you need to move on and learn from it.

all get into destructive relationships, it is a fact of life, those
relationships are brought to us so we can learn and grow. Sometimes the
people who give us the most grief are the ones who love us the most and
are trying to teach us something, while they themselves are also
learning. They may not always have the most altruistic motives in mind
as they are also dealing with karma and how you react will  also affect
their growth and have a positive effect on their evolution.

setting boundaries on their behavior and how it affects you, you are
teaching them an important lesson. They need to learn they can’t always
have their way, especially if it affects someone else in a negative

can’t change the past, stop regretting was done way back when. The road
to success is always under construction ,and there are detours, but you
need to start doing the things today that will improve your life

constantly striving to improve your life and remembering that we often
take two steps forward and one backward, sooner or later you will create
the life you desire. Change normally comes when we least expect it and
sometimes the outcome won’t be exactly the way we envisioned it, but it
will be better than you ever imagined.

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