Decency: Where Did it Go?

happened to decency? Has it gone out the window along with common sense
and respect for what others think and how they feel?

was as time in the not too distant past when people had respect for
what others felt and their opinions. Has political correctness destroyed
all of that?

understand that many people have different opinions about what is
acceptable in life, however there are, or should be limits. It has
become evident that we should condone behavior however objectionable it
may be , all standards of morality and dress should be thrown out the
window, all in the cause of being politically correct and being
considerate of others.

when should we tolerate actions,words, and deeds of others when they
violate every law of humanity ever envisioned?  Why should actions of
others be tolerated only because they belong to some minority group,
when these same actions would not be accepted if an individual from
mainstream society performed them?

always have been and always will be standards of dress and actions that
should never lowered, to do so is to lower the whole of society to
unacceptable levels.

say it doesn’t matter how you dress or speak, it only matters what is
in your heart. This may be true to a point, however our outward actions
and appearance only reflects what is in our heart. You cannot be pure of
heart if you actions doesn’t reflect that.

times people go to a house of worship dressed like they just returned
from a day at the beach, to me this shows a terrible disrespect for God.
Whatever happened to going to church in your Sunday best? Not saying
one should dress to the hilt, but dressing for the occasion would be

see people dressed in skimpy  clothing prominently displaying tattoos,
obviously dressing only to be defiant of everyone else who is within
viewing distance. This is inappropriate, if you want a tattoo, that is
your business, but to show disrespect for God and everyone else in the
church is unacceptable.

one is in an environment,  the appropriate actions is to dress as
everyone else does,if one can’t or won’t do that, maybe you should
rethink your position, maybe you don’t agree with anyone enough to be in
the group, and if you don’t respect them, how can you expect them to
respect you?

is it appropriate for members of the gay community to march in family
type parades wearing thongs and other inappropriate attire, do straight
people do that? No. Most people have no problem with someone of a
different gender preference than our own, however, don’t ram it down our
throatsand subject our children to lewd behavior. You would be accepted
by many more people if you acted like normal people when in a public
forum. Don’t ask, don’t tell ,is still the best policy.

is none of your business what I do in the bedroom, and it is none of my
business what you do in yours, please don’t put it on public display.

we become so lazy as a society that it no longer seems to make a
difference how we dress?Do many no longer have a positive opinion of
themselves that they no longer care what others think of them?

we become so non judgmental that no one any longer has any opinion of
their own, are many so complacent that they see nothing wrong with any
action of others?

I hope not, people have to stand for something or they will fall for anything.

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