It’s Time to Stop Subsidizing our Enemies

How long are we as a nation going to keep up the nonsense of thinking
we can help other poor distressed people of the world by continuously
sending money and aid to them and thinking they are going to improve
their lives because of our actions.

the last sixty years we have sent literally trillions of dollars to not
only people in our own country, but around the world as well, hoping to
improve their lot in life. Though our intentions may have been noble,
it hasn’t worked, they are still poor and broke. We may as well have
thrown the money in the sea.

only people to have benefited are the dictators and despot rulers of
these people, they are the ones who have taken the money and used it for
themselves and in the meantime, made the lives of their people even
harder because of the added finances they have at their disposal.

people who have received aid have only become dependant on us and  have
not learned to become self sufficient and fend for themselves. they
have become as dependant as a wild animal who has grown to depend on
humans for their livelihood and nourishment. This serves to no one’s

definition of stupidity is to do the same thing over and over and
expect different results. We have done the same thing over and over and
gotten the same result.

first mistake is thinking government can solve the problem, assistance
needs to be done on an individual basis, or through private
organizations. When government performs the operations, it is not
charity, the money and supplies come from taxes, big difference, the
human factor is no longer included in the equation. When done in this
manner, there is nothing on a personal level, it seems like the act is
only a faceless food truck pulling up , handing out food and leaving.

is also no accountability, no one knows where the food and aid comes
from, and no sense of how much cost is involved. The recipients don’t
have a clue who helped them and thus there is no gratitude. When aid is
given in this way, it becomes impersonal and sterile, , it is considered
an entitlement that people think is free, thus all the effort is in
vain and it only creates more need.

keep sending foreign aid to our enemies like Egypt,Pakistan and many
others whose agenda is to destroy us. Why are we doing this. It’s no
different than the bully on the playground who keeps demanding candy
from a second grader so he won’t get beaten up. The only difference is
we are more powerful than any of these countries, why are we letting
them away with extortion? This extortion began with the cold war when
these countries were playing Russia and the US against each other so
they could receive more aid. Those days are over. Let’s stop doing it.

of these countries are oil rich and should be paying us for all the
opportunities we have given them to advance. Instead they take our money
and teach their children to hate us.

No good deed goes unpunished.

most parts of our country it is illegal to feed wild animals because it
makes them dependent on us , thus when they are no longer fed, they no
longer have the skills necessary to survive, why don’t we give humans
the same dignity? Isn’t it time to teach them to fish on their own,so
they can become self sufficient?

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