Negotiating the Curves in your life.

Written by Gary Wonning

times  life throws us  a sudden curve and we have to react on a
seconds notice to avoid danger.

Just as  when we are driving in our car along a
familiar road and suddenly, while we aren’t paying 
attention , danger jumps out in front of us and we need to react
suddenly to avoid disaster.

such incident occurred to me while driving home late one Sunday
evening.It had been a long weekend. A typical  teenager , I always
thought I had to pack as much fun into the weekend as I could , after
all , there would never be another one.

A weekend of partying and staying out late had caused me to become extremely sleepy and inattentive.

I drove a familiar road to my home, my mind wandered and I totally
forgot about a ninety degree right turn looming directly ahead of me. Luckily, a sudden
bump in the road got  my attention,  I  glanced down at the speedometer I
realized I was going way too fast to negotiate the turn ahead.

eighty five miles per hour with a sharp curve directly ahead could only
spell disaster. I had to make the curve,going straight meant crashing
into a forest with many trees in my path. Not a good option when
traveling at this rate of speed.

up the brakes , I turned the steering wheel to the right ,prayed and
hung on.Sliding sideways and using up all the road, I made it, Whew!

had slide so far and hard,  flat spots were actually worn on my tires.
It took several miles before they actually smoothed out again and became
round so I didn’t feel the familiar bumping.

it is with life , we travel down the road of life and often lose sight
of where we are going , ignoring warning signs along the way. Suddenly
something jogs our memory and we are struck with the sudden realization
that to avoid disaster in our life something must be changed and changed

this point in time , we are forced to make quick and sudden changes
that often times are not well thought out and as a result can have a
disastrous effect on our well being. How much better would it be to
continuously think about our life, where we are going, and how we are
going to get there.

everyone knows, this won’t avoid all the turmoil in our life, but by
always staying aware of what is going on in our environment, many times
we are able to avert disaster before it happens, and lead to a
more stable, peaceful ,enjoyable life.

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The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The Right to Bear Arms.

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,

With those words, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow immortalized Paul Revere,  his  midnight ride  and the Old North Church.

has heard those immortal words, but few people know the whole story.
The story is at the heart of America’s battle for freedom from the
British Crown. Many today attribute our desire for freedom from the
British was all about taxes, and up to a point, this is  true, however,
there is more to the story.

many months before Paul Revere’s famous ride, tensions had been
mounting between the colonists and the British Cavalry. Due to the
increased taxes and many other issues, the colonists call for separation
from the British crown continued to increase.

Royal Government became increasingly concerned they would be unable to
control the colonists in case of a rebellion. Hence orders came down to
confiscate all the weapons and ammunition the colonists had been storing
 in various locations throughout the countryside.

From this particular point in time, our right to bear arms arose, the right protects our ability to protect ourselves from tyrants, not so we can hunt game.

 times in the past, British troops had been dispatched to confiscate
weapons in Salem and New Hampshire. Each time Paul Revere and other
riders who were members of the Sons of Liberty were able to alert the
people of the movement of  troops , thus the munitions were always
hidden and the elitist British troops were unable to find them and were

General Gage, Commander of the British forces, a parishioner of Old
North Church devised a plan to seize the weapons at Lexington and
Concord. He didn’t want to be humiliated again ,so he  planned to attach
at night, while most slept.

the dark evening of April 18th, 1775, he decided to cross the Charles
River and march under the cover of darkness , seize the weapons and
return to camp before the colonists could awaken and organize a

someone found out about this plan. Some say it was General Gage’s maid,
others think it may have even been his wife who informed the sons of
Liberty that the troops were on the way by the shorter water route.

Revere and the Sons of Liberty had prepared for this troop movement and
had a plan to warn the Americans when the Redcoats were on their way.
Although not a member, Paul Revere knew Old North Church well. He knew a
lantern placed in the steeple window could be seen for miles ,so he
instructed Robert Newman to climb the stairs and hang a lantern or two
in the window when instructed to do so. The signal would be one if by
land and two if by sea, Paul Revere would then ride to warn the
colonists to hide the munitions and Robert Newman would serve as a
backup in case Paul Revere was captured or unable to ride.

about 10PM Newman entered the church and began the long climb up the
stairs. Reaching the top , he hung two lanterns in the window, thus
signaling the British were coming by sea.

he only hung the lanterns for about a minute, they were seen by the
British, thus Newman barely escaped capture as he fled out a side window
near the altar, now known as Newman’s window in his honor.

So here, from General Thomas Gage’s own church, the King’s own church, the lanterns which ignited the American Revolution, were shone ever so brightly, and the union was born.

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If you want to walk on water, get out of the boat.

If you want to walk on water, get out of the boat. Just what does this mean?

Many people go through life  wishing and hoping and never realizing you have
to actually do something to make your dreams come true, and give your
life meaning.

Change your life

Although it worked for Isaac Newton,you cannot experience life and hope achieve your
highest potential by sitting under a tree and letting apples fall on your head . Many people today think they are entitled to a wholesome life and all the trappings it brings. I
have news for you. The world doesn’t owe you a living, you have to go
out and get it, the same way the rest of us achieved whatever level of
success we have.

Regardless of what you may think, most of us worked hard for a lifetime to enjoy
the blessings of life we may have, and in spite of whatever hardships we
are presently enduring , we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Life is meant to be lived, not by sitting idly around and letting someone
else do all the work and take all the chances. You have to get out of
the boat and swim for yourself. The mind and soul needs to be
continuously challenged so it can grow and evolve.

Nothing is accomplished when a being lives in a society where everything is
taken care of for them and there are no challenges or reasons to advance
oneself by hard work, critical thinking and enduring to make a better
and more fulfilling life for everyone.

Many people today, especially the young are not challenged enough, they go
through life in a daze because there isn’t anyone to challenge them to
excel in life. thus they become depressed and angry, taking their anger
out on the very people who try to coddle them by giving them everything
they desire with no strings attached.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Our Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men are created
equal, this alludes to all mankind , not a particular gender or race.
This means we all have equal opportunity according to our desires and
abilities. It has nothing to do with having an equal lifestyle or
income, that is determined solely by desire and ability.

When inspiration and desire induce one to excel in life and create
prosperity in their lives , a perfect society will afford the
opportunity for them to accomplish all they can, but it will not
automatically give it to them, or punish them unfairly when they

The future is promised to no one, we each create our own destiny, if you
decide to sit calmly in the boat, you have to be content as to where the
Captain takes you, only when you get out of the boat and walk across
the water of opportunity will you realize your true lot in life.

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He has published several books about the various cultures he has observed.

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Violence in America

of the nation,as well as the rest of the free world is alarmed about
all the recent school shootings. It seems there is another shooting
almost daily, either at a school, theater , or other public place.

common knee jerk reaction among bleeding heart politicians is to ban
firearms for the law abiding citizen. This is a reaction most non
thinking people would have, hence politicians cling on to it because it
is a knee jerk reaction and a highly charged emotional response, one
that will gather them a lot of votes. There are at least two things
wrong with this convoluted reasoning.

law abiding citizens don’t shoot defenseless people, and second
,criminals do what they do best, break laws. There isn’t a law that
criminals don’t like to break. Adding another unenforceable law isn’t
going to solve the problem.

situation we have gotten ourselves into has nothing to do with a gun,
or any other item that could be used as a weapon, such as a knife, a
car, or a rock. It goes much deeper than that. Most of the shooters were
on a prescribed drug such as Ritalin or Prozac. Maybe we should be
looking there.

I was growing up on a farm in the midwest, we always had guns stacked
in the corner of the kitchen and the ammunition was in the cabinet
drawer next to the door. It was constantly drilled into us to never
touch them and to have done so would have resulted in discipline I
didn’t want to encounter.

those days we had respect for our elders and enough common sense to not
go against their judgement, at least most of the time. We knew this was
an important issue and not to question their thinking.

those days no longer exist. Today, many people want to be their
children’s friend more so than their parent. In many homes discipline
has gone out the window. The TV and video games have replaced parents as
their role models. Many kids know more about a video game than they do
their parents expectations and beliefs.

no longer have a spiritual foundation. Church and God have been thrown
out with the week’s newspaper. As a result many have turned to
government for guidance and a savior, they believe government can and
will solve all their problems and as a result many don’t think they need
to be in charge of their own lives.

a result, good conduct and manners are ridiculed, people inside and
outside of government who try to do the right thing are ridiculed and
condemned for offering an opinion or suggestion.

this type of behavior from the so called mature adults in our kids
lives, how can we expect them to act as they should? They have no
guidance or expectations, as a result, they become depressed and without
a goal in life, thus they turn to violence to gain attention and

blame our government for all the dysfunctions of our society, it isn’t
the government’s fault, just as we can’t turn to them for guidance in
our daily lives, we can’t blame them when things don’t work out as they
should. We are the ones who elect them.

is up to us, the remaining Americans who still remember what good
values and judgement is. In the short term, the only action that will
stop or at least reduce public violence and the shootings is to have
armed teachers and law enforcement in our schools and public places.

will take many years for people to return to the values and instill in
our children the same moral codes and give them the reason for living
that we all grew up with. In the meantime all we seem to be able to do
is to protect us from the perpetrators and try to solve the real reason
for all this violence, a lack of a spiritual foundation in much of
society and it’s people.

The Splash you make.

I thought this was a good post to start out the new year!

The Splash You Make Can Touch the World.

Cherokee grandpa taught me this lesson when I was seven.  He took me to
a fishing hole and asked me to throw a rock into the pond.  He asked me
what I saw, and I replied that I saw a splash.  He asked me what else I
saw, and I said a circle of water and another circle and another
circle.  He then told me that every person was responsible for the kind
of splash they made in the world and that the splash would touch many
other circles, creating a ripple effect.  I sat there and watched the
water until he asked me to notice the muddy bank where we were sitting. 
He pointed out that one of the circular waves made by my rock was
lapping at my feet, having found its way back to me.  Then he told me
that we all need to be careful of the kinds of splashes we make in the
world, because the waves we create will always come back to us.  If
those splashes were hurtful, we will not welcome them back, but if the
splash and the waves were made from goodness, we will be happy to see
them come home.

teachings of all major religions on our planet show us these same
truths.  They ask us to be loving, to respect one another, and to become
influences for good.  We can see the truth of these teachings when we
see that energy abundantly flows through a person who has not tied up
his or her life force with feelings of jealousy, envy, and the need for
revenge.  By contrast, people pursuing a lawsuit, for example, feel like
they cannot get on with their lives while so much of their emotions,
time, and energy are tied up in a court battle.  The same limiting
ineffectiveness occurs when we waste our energy on regretting the past,
fearing the future, or battling with negative thoughts or feelings. 
These activities create a dam of stagnant energy inside of us that keeps
us from living life in a synchronistic and abundant manner.


the moment that we experience synchronistic joy in our lives, we are
put on notice that we must become aware of every thought, feeling, and
action that we put into the world, owning them all as our creations. 
Accountability for all aspects of our lives is a tall order.  The levels
of what we are willing to be accountable for continue to increase as we
grow, allowing us to be more aware.  Forgiveness toward ourselves and
toward others is of paramount importance.  If we cannot forgive others
and ourselves, letting go of the wounds encountered in the situations we
have experienced, we get stuck.  When we refuse to forgive, we are
asking for a pop quiz.  These pop quizzes can come in the form of life
situations that force us to look at our personal behaviors.

a sponge that is set in a dish of water until all the water is absorbed
into the sponge.  The sponge cannot soak up any more moisture because
it is holding on to every drop it has absorbed.  When we hold on to our
resentments and fears, our anger and bitterness, there is no room in our
life for other thoughts, experiences, or feelings.  To the degree that
we do not release our negative feelings and hidden resentments, we are
effectively soaked in them.  The creative force of life cannot flow
through us when we have dammed any part of it.  This lessens our ability
to embrace new experiences.  When we clutch our wounds, using them as
justifiable reasons for not moving forward, our life force is used to
fuel our avoidance mechanisms.

and the release of the past open the creative flow of life, supporting
all levels of mind, heart, body, emotion, and spirit.  This energy flow
determines the state of our health, our desire to create and procreate,
our willingness to develop our gifts, and how we use or deny the life
force that we are given as human beings. . . . by choosing to let go of
the past, our fears, and our negative patterns or reactions to life, we
are suddenly funded with a resurgence of life force, which propels us
into a new found way of being and a very different way of understanding
the world.

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