Negotiating the Curves in your life.

Written by Gary Wonning

times  life throws us  a sudden curve and we have to react on a
seconds notice to avoid danger.

Just as  when we are driving in our car along a
familiar road and suddenly, while we aren’t paying 
attention , danger jumps out in front of us and we need to react
suddenly to avoid disaster.

such incident occurred to me while driving home late one Sunday
evening.It had been a long weekend. A typical  teenager , I always
thought I had to pack as much fun into the weekend as I could , after
all , there would never be another one.

A weekend of partying and staying out late had caused me to become extremely sleepy and inattentive.

I drove a familiar road to my home, my mind wandered and I totally
forgot about a ninety degree right turn looming directly ahead of me. Luckily, a sudden
bump in the road got  my attention,  I  glanced down at the speedometer I
realized I was going way too fast to negotiate the turn ahead.

eighty five miles per hour with a sharp curve directly ahead could only
spell disaster. I had to make the curve,going straight meant crashing
into a forest with many trees in my path. Not a good option when
traveling at this rate of speed.

up the brakes , I turned the steering wheel to the right ,prayed and
hung on.Sliding sideways and using up all the road, I made it, Whew!

had slide so far and hard,  flat spots were actually worn on my tires.
It took several miles before they actually smoothed out again and became
round so I didn’t feel the familiar bumping.

it is with life , we travel down the road of life and often lose sight
of where we are going , ignoring warning signs along the way. Suddenly
something jogs our memory and we are struck with the sudden realization
that to avoid disaster in our life something must be changed and changed

this point in time , we are forced to make quick and sudden changes
that often times are not well thought out and as a result can have a
disastrous effect on our well being. How much better would it be to
continuously think about our life, where we are going, and how we are
going to get there.

everyone knows, this won’t avoid all the turmoil in our life, but by
always staying aware of what is going on in our environment, many times
we are able to avert disaster before it happens, and lead to a
more stable, peaceful ,enjoyable life.

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