Gun Control and the African -American

today’s world, we often have a belief that is not only untrue, but
totally opposite of what the reality really is. One such issue is many
of our preconceptions about gun control.

think it is a new idea the left is rallying behind in the false notion
it will control the violence seen in todays’ society. Often times people
look to what they think is a simple cure for a problem that is deeply
rooted in another issue that would be far  more difficult to solve and
involves issues they don’t want to confront.

virtuous their intentions, taking the actions they propose would not
solve the problem at hand, but would rather create more problems and
would do nothing about solving the present issue.

constitution and thus our freedoms are rooted in our Bill of Rights,
most importantly the first and second amendments, without those the
others would fail.The founding fathers recognized the importance of us ,
the common citizen  being able to protect ourselves against tyrannical
governments and leaders. The second amendment is not about rabbit
hunting, it is about us protecting ourselves from our government , if it
would become a tyrant.

countries that fall into tyranny and fall to dictatorial leadership are
countries whose citizens have lost the right to bear arms. We can no
longer say it couldn’t happen here in America, we are very close to have
it happening.

control is not a new idea, in fact it was first conceived well over a
hundred years ago, it was used in the days following the Civil War when
southern Democrats wanted to keep guns out of the hands of the negro, so
as to prevent them from gaining too much power.

Klu Klux Klan was formed as the enforcement arm of the Democratic party
to make sure the African Americans didn’t have any firearms. The KKK
would actually go out and confiscate the weapons from rural
negroes,leaving them defenseless, and after a short period of time would
go back and murder those from whom they had taken the weapons.

more recent history, Martin Luther King, the civil rights leader was
not allowed to have a concealed carry permit,  it was for his own
safety. Or so the government said.

I just don’t understand is why do these minority groups keep supporting
organizations who don’t have their best interests at heart? These
organizations not only don’t support them, they are actually working
against their best  interests and welfare.

is  a well know fact the democratic party is doing everything it can to
create victims, people who are dependent on government . They do this
to all so-called minorities, so they can keep them under their thumb.
When people are dependent on government, or they think they are , and
are getting a check from Uncle Sam,do you think they are going to vote
for someone who would want them to get a job and be responsible for
their own welfare and actions.

continuously play on peoples emotions  either by making them think they
couldn’t survive without government assistance, or the political
officials try to make us feel guilty because we think people should make
it on their own, and they then try to portray us as evil people who
would let their own grandmother starve in the street.

isn’t anyone who doesn’t realize that sometimes people can be down and
out and need some kind of assistance, but most of us believe it
shouldn’t be a career choice or something that goes on for generations.

many low information voters today  don’t take the time to think things
through and base their beliefs only on the last ten second sound bite on

time has come where we all need to release our time honored
preconceptions about many things, politics being one. Most of us were
raised believing in one political party or another. As a result many of
us hold the beliefs to be sacred, most of the time they aren’t. Anytime a
politician says he has your best interests at heart and he is only
looking our for your, he isn’t. He has undoubtedly told several thousand
other people the same thing. Although there are a few good politicians,
most become more corrupt the longer they are in office.

political system was designed so that people would only spend a couple
of terms in office and then return to the private sector. There isn’t
anyone who will attend to your affairs and look after you own self
interests like you will, remember that when you vote.

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