Redirecting Fear

F.E.A.R., False Evidence Appearing Real.

at one time or another experiences fear, the kind of fear that is
immobilizing and often prevents us from performing daily tasks. Many
times we don’t even realize we are afraid, we just become extremely
cautious while trying to deal with whatever is causing the drama.

can be hard to recognize and as a result we often avoid  the best
possible solution which is to go forward, confront it , walk through it,
move on and resume our life.

hard to believe as it may seem, most fear is only a figment of our
imagination. Most times, what we fear never comes to fruition. Our mind
is notorious in regard to playing tricks on us and will magnify anything
we let it dwell on.

idle mind is the devil’s playhouse, most of our fears surface when we
are idle and have nothing to do. The mind is always at work and if we
give it nothing to do, it will find something to think about.

is at such times we need to refocus and put our mind to a more positive
use. It is in this time we are most susceptible to creating a reality
that we don’t want to come to fruition. We are constantly creating our
future by the thoughts we nurture. When we allow negative thoughts to
control our mind, we are creating a reality not conducive to our best

become engulfed in this kind of thinking and continuously think
thoughts that keep putting them back in the same patterns that
continuously create drama and hardship in their life. The only way out
of this dilemma is to change our thinking habits.

this is a great tool for changing our life and directing us to a better
place. Once one realizes what is happening, all that needs to be done
is to redirect our thoughts and begin visualizing a positive outcome.

may seem difficult at first or even silly, however, this is the first
step to creating a better future.Continuous practice and a belief it
will work , over time will lead to the life you want and desire.


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