Writing Your Life Story

We are each in charge of our destiny

Regardless of your life circumstances and the difficulties you may
face, you are in charge of your life. No one else can run  it for you.
The trials we all face in life are many times just tests we encounter to
help us decide how determined we are to reach our goals .

times the future we want can be elusive and take a large amount of
effort to attain. Often times we have karma to deal with as well as our
own insecurities.In the process,we often learn that the destination
isn’t nearly important as the journey and what we learn while traveling
down the road of life.

of how long it takes to find your bliss, there are several key factors
one needs to remember and never lose sight of.

your passion, your reason for living. Each day is a new beginning, turn
those so called negative events in your life into something positive,
you are living the life you are for a reason. Turn your passion into
your life’s mission, don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you
come alive and do it. the world needs people who come alive in the
pursuit of what inspires them.

you find your passion, work hard on it. Break out of your comfort zone
and become comfortable with new surroundings and challenges. Don’t be
afraid to dream big and create the reality you desire.

We are what we think.

your own life, not the life someone would choose for you, pursue a path
,but be willing to change course if necessary. There are many paths one
can take to accomplish your goal, change direction if necessary, but
move forward.

to let go of the past, the past taught you many lessons, but let go of
the negative emotions that you may be still clinging  to. It won’t
always be easy and you will meet obstacles along the way,but keep going
when the going gets tough. All successful people have experienced many
ups and downs along the way. The winners keep going until the goal is

forget to stop and smell the roses along the way, it’s more about the
journey than the destination. Spend time with people you care about and
love doing things you enjoy doing. Life can be short, don’t accomplish
your goals without enjoying the journey along the way.

valuable lessons along the way, accept new ideas and remember the
problems are challenges sent our way so we may learn important lessons.

the little things in life that mean so much and live an honorable life,
always do the right thing regardless of if you think some other action
would be more profitable to you. It isn’t worth it to do
otherwise,sooner or later improper or unethical actions always come back
to haunt us.

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